Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bad is so groovy!

How incredibly groovy! My blog has been given a a BAD award, which is a GOOD award, and certainly an award to be very proud of! Me and Mama LOVE BAD!!!! Especially when it is GOOD.

Please go visit the lovely lady who gave my blog this award ... Princess Abigail is truly grateful, Mother Angst! We love your blog too ... and Mama knows all your experiences so well ... as you say so wisely, "you gotta wonder" !!!!

Before I announce who this award will go to, here are the award-reception conditions :

1. Pass it on to 5 other bad mommy bloggers. Bad is the new good, didn’t you know? And please try to avoid noticing that Mama overstepped the "5" limit and hopes this doesn't disqualify us!

2. Link back to the award creator.

3. Tell the recipients of your award just why you’re rewarding their badness!

So, here are the blogs Mama and I want to award with a "bad mommy bloggers" - to avoid any impression of preference, the list is given in reverse alphabetical order :
Samantha is the prettiest, loveliest, most addictive little girl .... we are totally smitten with her, and also by her bold brave Mama who fights for her needs and rights and comfort like Xena the Warrior. Go Girl Go, you are a BRILLIANT Mama! Boy are we smitten with the two of you!
Pauline is my big sister, in an adoptive sense. She is my Nanny's daughter - very much an annoying teenager according to Mama (eyes rolled to ceiling) but Mama says that if she proves to us all that she can sort her own life out, Mama might make her one of my tutors when she is older. I love Pauline to bits and pieces and spend ALL my time with her during the week. We are inseperable. Just take a look at Pauline's brilliant blog all about me to get a feel of our love and admiration for each other! Ok I know she's not a Mama so technically she can't receive this award ... but she has a kind of maternal role in my life so I decided to give it to her anyway.
Johanna Evangeline in Sweden
is a soul sister who despite our age and geographical distances has so much in common with me! Her Mama is very groovy and 'rock 'n' roll' and I know Mama has taken a shine to her. Johanna recently had an operation on her skull, and she came out of it as brave as a knight ... she is a cool chick if ever there was one, and so is her Mama!
Gavin is 'class'. He is a cool dood and he is so INCREDIBLY brave! You wouldn't believe the number of life-obstacles he has overcome! His Mama and mine have clicked and understand a lot of things together, despite the ocean which separates them. Go meet Gavin quick, cos he is worth it 1000-fold!

Amber Amber Amber ... our dearest Amber ... Amber is a Bionic, Supersonic, Magical, PERFECT Mama! We have been following her blog for a little over a year now, and EACH post has us both GOBSMACKED every time!!! There is, and always will be, a very special place for Amber in Mama's heart... and it has nothing to do with the fact that she wears nail-dangles now!!!!
Aha, Abigail my namesake! Abigail intrigues Mama because although she opens her heart and life to the world on her blog, she still somehow remains mysterious ... she seems to have no secrets, yet she is still tricky to fathom. Mama LOVES that! Abigail is funny - I wonder sometimes if she realises how funny she is. And she is SUCH a talented seamstress, so creative in everything she does. But most of all, Abigail is a GREAT Mama! Mandorally is out of this world thanks to all her Mama's warm and affectionate nurturing!!!

OK folks - now go off and zap this award to deservingly BAD MAMA'S!!!! Cos BAD is GOOD!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cinderella is nothing on me today!!

A new foot-piece for my shoes!

I don’t know what they are called in English, but here in France we call them ‘prothèses’.

I had to have them tailor made for me here in Lyon. It took a long time!

But now, the way I walk has changed!

Its a really hard 'coque' (French word - don't know the English one) which fits inside my shoe

and picks up the sole of my foot. My physiotherapist says I'm a bit flat-footed, and that this is typical of children's with Jacobsens Syndrome.

Huh! I'd say its a Princess Syndrome, more like!!

Mama says I’m not all bent over like a little old lady now! And that instead I stand up straight when I walk ... so she says she may not have to send me to finishing school after all!

The whole process for tailoring these things to my feet has made me feel just like Cinderella

All that's missing now is my coach and horses ... oh, and some ugly sisters ...

Instead of ugly sisters though, I have some ugly bacteria which have taken up residence in my body. I've had terrible ear-ache for the past two days, and haven't slepped a moment for the past 48 hours because of it. It really hurts a lot. My only way to overcome the pain is to roll myself into a little ball on the floor ....

Mama says I'm being very brave and that before long the anti-biotics will take effect ... in the meantime I'm boiling hot with temperature and I'm feeling a bit under the weather - not my usual cheerful self at all!!

Send out all your positive vibes to make me better folks! I think Mama would fancy a night of sleep sometime soon too!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bye bye Willow Au Revoir!

Once upon a time
There was a very silly lady
Who bought a beautiful weeping willow

The salesman said ‘this is a dwarf tree’
The silly lady heard ‘it can be planted anywhere cos its small’

Which is precisely what she did.
Planted it any old where.

Right next to the … house drains of all places!!

So, a few wise words from her elders and betters later,
Mama decided to give Willow away …..

… to Justine the Moose and her hubby Brunski!

Bye bye Willow!!!! Have a nice life in your new home!!!

Bon voyage!!!

ooohhh ! Wow! Justine just sent in this telegramme .....

Willow has arrived safely

.... seems happy ...

.. all is well!!

Have a nice life Willow!!!! Don’t forget to send us a card from time to time!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And the winner is ....

Hey Guess What???!!!!

Mama cast a Bernard Bunch vote yesterday .... about my little friend in the cage behind me ...

wanna hear the results?

"Sadie" : 1 point (William)
"Peter" : 2 points (Mama and Abigail)
"Piper" : 3 points (Abigail Nathan and William)
"Happy" : 3 points (William Nathan and Abigail)
"Piquito" : 3 points (William and Nathan and Abigail)
"Milo" : 3 points (Mama, Nathan and Abigail)
And the next proposal yielded FIVE points!!!
(ok, so I can only count to 'one' on my fingers)
5 points
(Abigail, Nathan, William, Mama and Papa)

There is a kind of air of resemblance though, don't you think?????

So, PRINCESS IZZIE in Singapore is the winner!!!! Since you are too far away for me to hug and congratulate, I decided to give that part of the prize to William instead!

Sooooo, Izzie, zap me your grandparents address in France and Mama has a Teletubby parcel all ready to go!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tweet tweet tweet!!

I am very fond of our family canary ... he is really very cute.

I spend many an hour with my hand stuck as far into the cage as I can, trying to get hold of those interesting looking loaf-things mama leaves in the bottom for him.

My only concern is that, despite his popularity with the Bernard Bunch, he has no name ....

Any suggestions from Bloggerland out there?
The WINNER (ie: he/she who ends up giving my canary his new name) will win a teletubbies from my personal collection!!! Hard to resist eh? Go for it!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chromosomes, dogs, and arse-holes

Mama would like to invite ALL parents to read the above article.

And to tell her what they think.

And in fact, to tell the author what they think. Mama is hopping MAD. This is the answer Mama gave this person who compared a dog to a child with Down's syndrome

"My daughter has a chromosome affection which seriously affects her health.Your jokes about extra chromosomes are offensive. What is it about this dog which resembles my daughter? I would be grateful if you would1. have the balls to NOT ignore this comment, this time and 2. answer my question about what is so funny?"

Is Mama over-reacting folks??????

Why are people so mean? and spiteful? and hateful??? rhetoric question????

Monday, November 10, 2008

A very happy birthday to my big brother William

This raucous lot came to spend the afternoon with Big Bill ...
they were WILD!!!
But some of them had sprightly little sisters I was able to have LOTS of fun with ...
... and who were very patient about not being served pancakes and jelly ...

Then the Bernard Bunch turned up en masse to celebrate in family style ....


Although Papa tried quite hard to compete

and so did his brothers ...
My natural charm, wit and beauty
just charmed them all.
Tis not fair really, is it?!

Uncle Laurent got extremely bored
(he's becoming a very grumpy old man according to Aunty Valerie)

But I had plenty of fun talking to Great Aunty Huguette

Cousin Lena and I played our usual
"My toy"
"NO. My toy"
"NO. My toy"
"NO. My toy"
"NO. My toy"

In the end I just ignored her
and watched a good film instead

By the end I was FLAT OUT
I literally collapsed from fatigue
in Great Auntie Huguette's arms
... snooooooooooore

and thanks for inviting me!!!
PS: Check out Williams blog and his version of the events on