Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Formula One Princess and soul sister!!!

Go for it Charlotte - go go go! And here she goes, screeching round those Formula One avenues at a rate never seen before ......... ZOOOOMMMM!!!!

Puis apres l'effort au volant, c'est l'heure de se refaire les ongles ... hmm ... hmmm ... voyons, du rouge, du rose ... difficile le choix ...

Finalement le choix est fastoche ... je prends le rose ... ouiah, c'est sublime, comme moi, ah ah!!

Et oui, c'est le debut de ma carriere de mannequin ... que voulez vous, quand on est sublime, on est sublime!

Williams school play

Swing those hips Big Bill - this show is all about HIP HOP dancing!!!

'Hold on I'm losing me trousers'

'Stinks around here' he says - have you lost something William?

Best Friends and Best Godsons!!

This is a professional Ferrari driver called Keelan TheBesto - he's Mama's Godson and I know she is CRAZY about him cos he is pretty bonkers and off the wall himself!!

Personally, I suspect its all genetic - does his Mama look as if she's all there herself, I ask you? No wonder her and my Mama get on so well - not an ounce of common sense between them!!
Suzi is my big brothers Williams Godmother, and he is absolutely BONKERS about her. I think he is secretly in love with her...
A beautiful mermaid
signed : William