Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to my old routine ....

Here I am at my 'nou nou's' house, the lady who looks after me every day when Mama and Papa are at work and William and Nathan are at school.
My nou nou is called Christine, and I was really pleased to walk down that familiar little cobbled path this morning!!! KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK !!!!

OOOOHHH ooooh,Christine, est-ce que t'es la??? Where are you Christine??"

Here I am making your lunch, little girl!!!
How nice to find all my old playmates again!!!

OOh, you look new to me! What fun!!!! Let's play!!!

Now lets rewind a little bit ... because ...

... here am in my car off to my FIRST day at my new CAMSP centre!!!

Po took very good care of me all the way there ..

I met my new psychomotricienne, called Clementine, she was really fun!

She talked to me a lot, and showed me heaps of groovy games to play ...

Lala was never far away, keeping a watchful eye over what I was up to

There's a special bath in Clementine's Cabinet, which I will be able to play in one day ... Clementine tells me it makes lots of bubbles and noise ... I can't wait!

I made quite a mess of Clementine's Cabinet, but she really didn't seem to mind at all

I made friends with two wooden teddybears which captivated my imagination, and we made them give each other lots of hugs and cuddles ... this episode really tickled my fancy!

Look, I can even clamber up onto this chair with my eyes closed!

Well today was certainly lots of fun!

And I love being back into my old routine!