Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good news for me after a day at the children's hospital : YOOPEEE!!!

Off we went, Mama and I, for my 6-month encephalogramme thingie to see how my brain was doing - when I was tincy wincy they thought I was epileptic, so I go back every now and again to check everything is all hunky dorry - to be honest I reckon there's nout wrong with me and these doctor people are all overreacting ... the nice bit is that they rock you to sleep and stroke your head and do all sorts of soothing things that make you feel great ... and get a load of all those wires ... impressive or wot??? Its worth it just for all the spoiling they do ...

This is the nurse who read my brain waves as I was asleep - she is ever so nice ... she looks aftger me each time I go for the brain thingie, so we've started to truly warm to one another now!

snore ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz .... snore .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...................snore

YAWN .... time to wake up!
and once awake, thats when all the doctors read and interpreted all the funny graphs drawn over the computer screens during my sleep and good news - the epilepsy is regressing!!! It will actually one day go away for good, maybe even in a year or two, much to my Mama and Papa's immense relief! Dr Ville, my neurologist, told Mama that I am making splendid progress on the psychomotricity front and that she couldn't believe how far I have come along and how well I am doing!
What could be better news than that I ask????