Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's day

Right ... now I am suitably dressed, the day can begin ..

This special day requires make-up fit for a Princess. Thanks Uncle Huwie for this totally inappropriate but very fun Christmas present that I am enjoying putting to good use!

And whilst we are on the subject of Christmas presents - thank you Auntie Sianie for this cool hand knitted scarf. It has come in very handy over the past weeks cos it is FREEZING here in France - not a concern now that you are living in Australia of course! Thinking of you lots and hoping you are having a lovely whizz-bang time out there!

Um ... Mama... its Valentine's day today ... don't you think you should spruce yourself up a little too? You look a little worse for wear there .... wanna borrow some of my blue eye shadow?

Here's a special Happy Valentine's Day Princess smile for all you folk out there!

Nathan continues to give me my daily Wii training ... he is such a lovely brother, always looking after me with patience and tenderness. I love you Big Nathe!!! Especially on Valentine's day!

Although I do on occasion get in the way ...

Today I went off to be pom pom girl at my brother William's handball match. I'm very good at encouraging him - indeed, today he scored his first ever match goal! All because of my support of course!!

BRAVO Valentine's Day!
(Editors note : Abigail is actually clapping and saying her new word 'Bravo' in this piccie - although it does look remarkably like she's praying. What a doll!)

What did you do to celebrate the big red heart day???

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have been enjoying the snow here ... I can even say 'neige' as I point out the window at the white expanse of garden. This snow stuff is quite fascinating ... I keep slipping and sliding and it makes me laugh so much. Its a bit cold though, especially when my mittens fall off and I am definitely not so fond of that.

Get a load of this!

I am eating solid food!

Could you get more solid than this??!!

I am soooooooooooo impressed with myself ... tis hard to be humble. Watch me here:

It's 4h48 in the morning and Mama is typing up the blogging notes I left her. Sleep is a little tough for her at the moment. She misses little Emma. Even though she is happy Emma is in a better place ... she's sad a gorgeous little girl was taken from her family in such a tragic way. Emma, my Mama really loves you lots and lots you know!