Monday, April 28, 2008

Pink Glasses, Au Revoir and Lala

So, as I was saying a couple of chapters back ... the doctors have been delving various liquids and lights into the depths of my eyes and at last have come up with a very sophisticated, complex medical diagnostic

I am short sighted

Apparently, this is something very common in gorgeous little princesses like me who have lost a tincy wincy bit of their 11th chromosome ... it also explains why bright sunlight bothers me so much - my gorgeous little eyes are super duper fragile, all cos of a miserable piece of chromosome which decided to part ways with us all at my conception. What a nuisance eh??

I do not, as yet, have any glasses photos to share with my blogging friends and fellow princesses - suffice it to say that my mama used her usual sense of discretion in purchasing a pair of very princessy pink glasses. We have to get my glasses tailor-made for me because the doctor - the cheek of the man I tell you!! - says I have a funny shaped head, not enough bone between the eyes to prop the glasses on, and that I have one ear higher than the other. I was too much of a princess to tell him he had a big nose and bad breath. He was ever so nice though and with Big Bill's blessing managed to coerce Mama into getting me the top of the range pair - which will have to be changed again in three months - oh what fun!

Mama has been on holiday at home with me and my brothers for the past ten days, and - how lame can you get?? - these are the only photos she took. Nine miserable pix! I must confess though, I am irresistibly gorgeous in each and every one of them though - tis no wonder everyone is so dotty about me really!!! I do sympathise, truly I do!!!

Nathan and I do some TRANSFORMER stuff on the kitchen floor

- don't know what that means, but I do know that you have to shout VERY LOUDLY

Oh - and one big step ahead for me this holiday ! I said my first words EVER!!!!!

No, those first words were not the more classic 'Mama' or 'Papa' or 'William' or 'Nathan' or 'No' ..... obviously greatly inspired by my new Teletubbies DVD that Mama sneakily opened ahead of my birthday (tut tut tut!!) I can now say

'Au Revoir'

which sounds a bit like 'Ravwahr'

and I wave, ok, wiggle, my little hand at the same time

(erm - when Nathan lets me, that is)
And I can also say "Lala"

(a word I apply liberally to everything and everyone)

- oops - sorry - bumped into the camera there - must hurry up and get those specs eh? -

Now it was wonderful being on hols with the boys and being able to spend lots of time together, but they do forget how small and delicate I am sometimes

- not that I am timid about letting them know they are getting on my nerves -

Now to conclude, Mama has asked me to publish this photo from last summer with gorgeous Princess Charlotte, just cos she loves the photo and cos Charlotte's Mama sent it to her today on Facebook. Charlotte, Stef et Xavier vous nous manquez trop!!! A tres tres bientot j'espere!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh the joys of Spring

William and I are SOOO enjoying the budding spring ... so much new stuff is happening!!!

For example : Nathan smashed his head to pieces and had to see Dr Franck to have it all stitched together again ... Of course, this meant Mama had to take the day off work, so the three of us spent some 'quality' time at the little fair which seems to have moved into the square in front of the mairie ... now these photos do tend to contradict some recent ones illustrating Nathan's coming of age ... regression seems to be the name of the game here!!

I had a wild time just observing in amazement all the things my brother was doing that were more my age (and which quite frankly, I'm not interested in doing - I found the permanent swishing noises and loud music really quite frightening to be honest). But it was interesting to watch my Big Bro Nathan behaving more like a two-year old than me!!!

I will confess, however, that I found the sunlight a bit trying, which is why I look half asleep in these pix ... my eyes are being thoroughly tested by the children's hospital at the moment to see if some of my medication is affecting my sight ... so all this week I'm taking drops which do something weird which not even Mama understands ... on Friday they'll be checking me out to see if I need glasses or not, but in the meantime, everything is very very blurred and sunlight is really hard to deal with ... roll on Friday when we can stop the silly drops at last!!!Impaired sight has not, however, stopped me developing my climbing skills ... look at this newest accomplishment : the coffee table!! My new favorite place to watch the Teletubbies!!!

Having said that, one of my favoritest places in the whole world is with Papa on his favorite place on the sofa watching the evening news!!! Ok Lena, its your turn for some stardom now ... last weekend we went to Mami and Papi's for Sunday lunch ... here is my cousin Lena before we landed, looking quite serene ..

The angelic expression changed the moment The Bernard Bunch landed!!!

"Mama PLEEEEEEAAAAASE help me!" yelled Lena "My godmother is trying to eat me!!!"

Then MY Godfather decided it was his turn to turn evil on his Goddaughter (erm, thats moi!)
ending in similar results ... not even Mami or Papi could console me ..
even Mama had a hard time consoling me!!!
Aren't my two girl-cousins just gorgeous?????? almost as gorgeous as myself really ...

Right ... this space is going to be even longer soon cos Aunty Valerie and Aunty Anne-Sophie have both promised Mama their weekend photos ... come on!!!! You know how impetuous and impatient this Bernard Bunch is!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My gorgeous cousin Alexis gets to meet some really famous OL football players!!!!

OL Fondation
21/03/08 - 14:53
Hatem Ben Arfa rend visite au centre Icom
Dans le cadre du partenariat entre l’OL Fondation et Handicap International, Hatem Ben Harfa est venu rendre visite aux enfants du centre Icom.
Le centre Icom fait partie du « Programme France » d’Handicap International et vise notamment à former les enfants à l’outil informatique afin qu’ils puissent poursuivre leur scolarité. Après une visite des lieux, Hatem a rencontré individuellement chaque enfant pour en savoir plus sur les travaux qu’ils réalisaient et les outils dont ils se servaient. Hatem a par la suite participé au tournage de l’émission OL Fondation sur Handicap International dans laquelle il a pu répondre aux questions préparées par 6 enfants du centre Icom et revenir sur sa volonté de devenir le parrain du programme football mis en place par l’ONG en Tunisie. L’OL Fondation, le centre Icom et Handicap International tiennent à remercier Hatem Ben Harfa pour sa disponibilité et son accessibilité auprès des enfants. Crédit Photos : JJBernard - Handicap International

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nathan celebrates being SEVEN!!!

First things first, Nathan had to make sure the house looked easily recognizeable as 'The Birthday Spot' - sorry, did I say 'Nathan'? I mean, of course, 'Superman', visible here doing a quick inspection ...
Then he and Papa made sure the party nosh was up to scratch

Superman has a jolly close inspection of the birthday cake ..

Gramma helped to scrub me squeaky clean for this special occasion ..

My charismatic personality meant that I stole all nathan's friends ... here I am with Wonderwoman (also known as Anna), Princess Laurene, and Raphael in the background who's expression fully illustrates how stunned he is at my overwhelming beauty (for the record, this is NOT a brewing tantrum on my face AT ALL)

Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls .. so Anna and Laurene did some nice peaceful drawing ...

and smothered me for a while with Gramma

While the supermen all played a round of rowdy football

Here's big Nathe with Lucas (left) and Yanis (right) his two rugby mates (although I'm told that Nathan and Yanis together tend to transform the rugby matches into a boxing ring ... hmmm ... not a peaceful friendship that one) - cute threesome though, don't you think? Lucas is a true angel and my Mama is quite smitten with him and planning a secret kidnap ... sssshhhh!!!

Superman with his Super Women ...

Nathan with Yanis (again!) and Daryl, his chum from down the road

Nathan with classmates Raphael (who's top of the class!) and Remi (who Nathan tells me is his bestest, bestest buddy)

Then there was a series of games ... pass-the-parcel, treasure hunt, who am I? musical statues, and in this series of piccies, musical bumps accompanied by Nathan's favorite pop singer MIKA!! Daryl won the musical bumps ... and Nathan sulked for a while cos it was his party after all, so why can't HE win all the games?????

hmmm ... run out of photos ... have I told you that Mama bought a cheap second hand camera which can only take twenty photos at a time? Well, these are her twenty photos! Now we are waiting for the pix that Gramma took and I should be able to pad this out for all my readers! Watch this space folks!!!!!

More birthday pix just sent in by Gramma! Thanks Gramma! Here we go folks ....