Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey Mama get back to work and stop thinking about your Princess!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mon Parrain, ce heros!!!

Et! vous avez vu ce mec la? Et bien vous savez quoi? C'est mon parrain! Oui, je sais, il est tres beau - j'ai eu le plus beau des freres (desolée Laurent). Il est formidable mon parrain ... par contre, les coups de fil pendant que MOI je suis dans ses bras, c'est un peu exageré, vous ne trouvez pas???!!!! Apres tout, c'est QUI la princesse?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trois gars et trois filles

OH my God! That look on my face is pure mystification at this new 'thing' I am meeting for the first time ... what on earth is THAT? Its about my size, it makes very similar noises to me, it wiggles a lot and it makes my Mama go all soppy and beserk - why does she keep screaching the words 'Lena' and 'cousin' at me and gesticulating in that things' direction?

And to be perfectly honest, this new Lena person looks as bemused and puzzled as me at this, our first ever encounter ... get an eyeball of this !!!! She is rather a cute-looking creature though, don't you think???? My Mama never stops going on about how chuffed she is to be your Godmother, Lena ... methinks you and Her are going to get up to heaps of mischief in the years to come...

Well, all the emotion of meeting my outrageously scrummy cousin for the first time brought on a severe case of the munchies ... boy, I know I'm supposed to have a bit of vegetarian blood in me (rumour even has it that many moons ago, my mama was a vegetarian. Apparently the arrival of Big Bill in 1998 put an end to that fad!!) but making polite conversation with new cousins makes you hungry! So hungry that ....

a good bit of giraffe will do... slobber slobber

a good gnaw of my delicious clown... chomp chomp

Thump Thump!! William get us some grub for this spoon would you?

Hey, if I stick my finger up far enough I might be able to replenish my nosh stocks up there! I am, of course, just kidding.

So, with the arrival of little Lena just eight months after me, with my limited (or maternally inherited) lack of understanding of mathematics and arithmetic I can nevertheless safely say that there are now THREE Bernard Girls! The Three Bernard Boys with their three Bernard girls! We are naturally much better looking than our Dads, although it must be said, all three of those brothers look incredibly proud don' tthey? And so they should! This is Charlies Angels of the 22nd Century man! So which one of you is Bosley? And just for the record - I'm Farah Fawcett cos I have those voluminous locks .... n'est-ce pas?!