Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My big brother William is 9 years old!!!!

On Sunday it was William's birthday party - boy was it fun with all his mates! He had a 'Detectives in training' party where everyone dressed up as a super hero ... and as usual, I was the star of the show!!!!!

William was, predictably, very calm, well behaved, demure and grown-up. As were his friends

They played a game of 'guess whats in the box' to develop their sense of deduction - these are William's friends Aymeric, Enzo, Florian and Simon (they won the game)

And here is Princess Leia, the superheroine of the day, and who took extra special care of me whilst Mama was being silly and pretending to be a detective with the boys ...

Oh by the way, have a mentioned that I am henceforth upwardly mobile?

I'm a real YUPPY I am, get a load of this!!No more being pushed in the pushchair for me - now it is MOI who does the pushing!!!

And now, I am even able to run after Claude when he turns up for my physiotherapy sessions - I'm a real speedy gonzalez on my knees now!!!

I still have to practice staying up, and in the process still tend to bop my pretty little forehead - but I will get there soon! Watch this space - this is a future Olympic Champion!!!