Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sew what??

About a week ago, Mama bought a sewing machine.

Mama has never had a sewing machine.

Mama has no clue how to sew.

So she decided to take sewing lessons ... so far, she has had two.

Mama is quite enthusiastic about sewing. In fact, I hardly see her anymore. She is usually to be found with her nose in her noisy machine, vanished beneath a fabric mountain chain. Only the occasional scissor chopping and muffled expletive can be heard ...

Yesterday, Mama took the day off from work ... to sew.

I was going to get all jealous - after all, who is the Princess? Me or the Singer? But then, she showed me this :

My first ever home-made frock! With vaguely matching jeans (Mama made a real mess of the jeans, and is unable to sew the leg seam closed again - she broke FIVE needles in the trying process though~!)

Now you will note that everything is uneven, and if you were to sneak your nose into the inside, there lies within a labyrinth of thread, orphaned hanging fabric, and broken needle heads which she can’t unknot from the material.

"Good try Mama!" I would say that a Princess deserves a little more quality in the fine-tuning of her attire – but I’m not going to, or I won’t see you again for another week!’

Oh – and THANK YOU Abigail in Utah for the inspiration. Mama looks forward to adopting you as her on-line seamstress tutor shortly!