Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wouldn't you like to be in my shoes???!!!

Wanna know who this foot gear belongs to????

It belongs to Clémentine and I!!!
You may remember, Clémentine is my occupational therapist
(yes, I eventually found out how to translate 'psychomotricienne'!!)

At the beginning of every session, she helps me learn to take my shoes and socks off.

Every Wednesday, I go see Clémentine for an hour or so, at the CAMSP centre. The CAMSP is a very special centre for very special people like me ... I was on a waiting list for 18 months before I got the place, but BOY was it worth the wait!!! At the CAMSP, I have my own occupational therapist, speech therapist, "Educatrice", Physiotherapist, Paediatrician and Psychologist

Today Clémentine got me working on my repulsion for new textures .... it was fun!!! Look at that disgusted look on my face! I do NOT like polystyrene

Last week I ran to hide when I saw this shiny paper, but today I was lovin' it!!

Clémentine was very impressed at how observant I am becoming - I was obsessed with this new poster and kept wanting her to talk to me about it ... I immediately noticed it, the moment I entered the room. It had not been there on my previous visit. Gosh I'm amazing.

Clémentine got me rolling around in different positions, getting used to what I can do with my body

We played some brilliant ball games

Including rolling around on a VERY LARGE ball

This picture is all fudgy cos I'm bouncing up and down like crazy!

I loved this exercise! And I have come a long way in gaining confidence - I used to CLING on to Clémentine for dear life in the beginning ... now I'm just swinging along like ain't no thing!

Clémentine helped me learn to climb up on the desk chair all by myself ...

I love sitting at this desk, cos it means lots of FUN things are heading my way!!

I spent a while putting wooden balls onto small wooden poles (this game has a fancy name but Mama can never remember it)

I HATE plasticine ... I really find it repulsive. I'm doing better these days, thanks to Clémentine's encouragement and my natural Princessly talent..
Nope, I'm still timidly getting used to it ... its all cold and clammy, not up my street at all!

But I like playing with plastic animals!

Time with Clémentine just flies by ... and before I know it its time to go ... I never like leaving Clémentine's cosy room where we have such fun!!

The fun was not over
because THEN
Pascale from the CAMSP came to our house
and played with me at home!!!
Pascale is my 'Educatrice"

We did puzzles on the kitchen floor

Played dolls

I did some drawing

I'm very talented
I don't mind signing the odd autograph

But this fame stuff does get boring after a while

And I wanted to do something else

So Pascale gave me a book to read

You can see I enjoyed it!!!

Pascale helped me talk through the pictures

And we had a jolly good conversation going there!

And in conclusion,
Mama asked me to publish a picture of
I made it at Creche
Its a Christmas Candle holder
Isn't it gorgeous??
Mama is so proud!!!