Monday, May 18, 2009

A talented PEST

A small sample of what I've been up to : annoying my brothers!

Well they ARE playing with my swimming pool after all. Yet they won't let me anywhere NEAR theirs!

oh ha ha ha ha chortle chortle titter titter
I'm such a pest!

But so proud of it!!

Thats my way of getting my own back ... look at poor little me watching all their fun in their pool ... what a martyr I am ... (not!)

I did manage to creep in once though - with Mama's hand tightly clasped over mine ... what's she so nervous about anyway?
In fact, everyone is so nervous ... try as I might, Nathan would not let me escape from this corner.

William keeps a close eye on me too ... usually by spraying me with copious amounts of water. oh ha ha ha William, so funny I forgot to laugh. brothers are so silly.

Off with his head!

(that's what Princesses order, don't they?)

Right I'm off.
Its boring over there.
I much prefer my regal pool.
Toodle pip

Someone new to pester!

(Are you trying to hide that beer bottle from the camera Grandad??)

Cos Mama's snapped us both!!!!!
Now a message for Abigail in California.

At LONG LAST we went to the post office!!
(a feat almost as overdue as your impending childbirth!)

So you should be getting something in the post soon.
"Soon" is quite a relative term.
A bit like your scheduled birth date eh????

Look Grandad!
More people to pester!
(Grandad is so the best mischief accomplice ever)