Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A very hot summer in the Lyon region

Mama loves these photos of me ...
she says they truly capture my unique personality

Get a load of that sexy bikini! Baywatch here I come eh?
Pamela wotserface is nothing on me, that's what I say.

Mama claims I'm becoming quite bossy
don't know where she gets that idea from
We spent all weekend around the pool
it was a long weekend too
three whole days getting wet!

It was really toooooo hot to do anything else

Nathan adopted my speech-therapy flute ...
nice one Nathan

Au Revoir
et a bientot folks!

More to follow soon .... Mama is a bit bogged down in stuff at the moment and isn't giving my blog the attention it deserves. I am busy making amends - what kind of a butler is she anyway?????