Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This weekend it was Amanda's 6-month-late birthday party.

(its actually in July, but Mama forgot cos it was the day I was doing my drowning stint)

I gave Amanda a Barbie crown to celebrate the occasion regally

She had the traditional

"Bernard Bunch Smartie Cake'

forced upon her

(pssst : Amanda took out one of the pink candles to make it look like she was only 25)

Us small people all loved the cake a lot

- oh, and so did Becka Boo....

(she's not very small, but she counts as a Princess)

This is Mama's lovely Welsh friend Becka Boo

We enjoyed discovering each other!

Becka Boo delighted me in reading me book

after book

after book

after book

what a patient little girl Becka Boo is!

Soul mates!

Amanda and I shared fashion tips

I enjoyed annoying Amanda's hubby Nico as he tried to snooze in a corner

But then HIS little girl Emily started doing the same thing to MY Papa!

Um, scu-u-u-u-u-u-u-se me, I'm not sure I like the idea of this, Emily...

Look whatMama did to poor little Emily ....

She is SO embarrassing ... can't take her ANYWHERE

And THIS, my friend, is my hearthrob .... Jack!

He was born a month before me ...here is a piccie of Mama and Amanda in 2006 sporting us both inside huge tummies!!! AW, ain't we cute???

Right, now I'm off for a rest... all this hullabaloo has been quite exhausting!