Thursday, May 7, 2009

Come see great sailors and marines at work!

Hey guys : anyone want to observe some handsome Belgian sailors riding bikes for three days????? Take a look at what’s happening on this great new blog created by Jean-Marc, one of Mama’s old friends from school when she was a little girl in Luxembourg about a thousand years ago.

Here’s the thing. Twenty Dutch and Belgian sailors have taken up the biking challenge of riding over 320km for charity, and in particular to raise funds for two children revalidations centers. One is based in Gent (Belgium), the other one is based in Goes (Netherlands). The blog shows some of the incredible benefits previous cycling events of this kind have brought to the centres – including a fantastic Wii game to help with occupational therapy and physical coordination (illustrated in the photograph above). The cycling event will lead the 20 kind cyclists along the tulip fields and the windmills of the Dutch lower lands. Keep tabs on this blog to see how things progress, and PLEASE leave them lots of messages of encouragement (in English! They need the practice!) cos they are doing a great job up there in the North Pole of Holland ….

Keep up the good work guys! You are doing a great job up there!