Friday, December 5, 2008

So far and yet so very near

LOOK Mama! I just found this parcel in our post-box!!!
Pleeeeeeeasse can we open it RIGHT NOW???!!!
Oh my! This is so much fun!!! Hurry up Mama!
Oh my goodness ... Mama, it looks like there are things in there .. what do you think? Can I take them out?
Shall we take a closer look Mama? It looks reeeeeaaaaaaaly interesting!
What's this?????
He looks like .... a friend!!!
I like him!!! Can I keep him Mama???

He tastes nice!
And he smells like ... hmmm. a kind of amberish hue to him ....

Thank you Gracie for lending me such a lovely snuggly friend!

Look Mama, there's a lovely letter from Emma!!!!

A snowman who speaks perfect English!
I thought snowmen could only speak French!

I LIKE him!!!

In fact, I like him a lot
William and Nathan ... he may have been destined for you ... but I am OBSESSED with this snowman and I'm not letting him out of my mits ....
click on this picture and see for yourselves:

'Oh, thats ok. I got a soccer letter from a cool dood called Noah.
Say it myself, I am pretty impressed by this sketch of a pitch!"

Look at that Mama!

Noah THANK YOU! I love your letter!

The Bernard Bunch would like to thank the Baker Bunch profusely and furiously
For being so kind and generous and loving

Mama would have taken shots of me sporting the groovy gear you sent me - particulary the Princess top which I am proudly wearing today ...
but her camera batteries ran out right here....
sigh ....

Mama has strict instructions to blast away with her camera as soon as the batteries have recharged so that you can see for yourself just how incredibly lovely I look in the beautiful clothes you sent me!!!

Thank you so much Amber and Gracie and Emma and Noah!
The Bernard Bunch is truly, truly grateful
and so very touched!
We love you!