Friday, November 27, 2009

Mama says I sulk too much

I have developed a new means of communication
for telling my entourage that I am not happy
That I disagree

That I want my own way
That I want to be picked up
That I don't want to walk by myself
or that I want my dummy
Mama tells me I should give it up because
  • it makes my clothes dirty
  • it drives her mad
  • it often puts my life in danger cos I choose stupid places to do it
  • it drives her mad
  • it embarrasses her
  • it drives her mad
  • people stare at us
  • it drives her mad

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fallen off the radar

My secret diary is feeling like an orphan at the moment.

I am sooooooooooooooo busy at the moment.

Its all go go go - it never stops!

My schedule is so busy that I take up the most fridge-space with my complex time-table!

And to be honest - Mama has not been the most reliable of scribes lately.

But she does have good news. After a year (yes, you read right : a YEAR!) the Bernard Bunch is finally about to go back on line. Our internet and computer both died last Christmas ... and Mama decided to splurge and get both a spinky new lap-top AND change Internet provider!

So in theory, on 2nd December, I should be back in the live world of blogging!

I can't wait!

In the meantime .... take a peek at what a good time I've been having with my "AVS" Sandrine at school:

Monday, November 9, 2009

My first day at school

Click on here to see what a wonderful first day at school I had! I think I even have a not-so-secret admiror ... sigh ...

Friday, November 6, 2009

First day at school!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo excited!

I went to a new place today.

Its called 'Ecole' (which is French for 'School').

I loved it!

I made a very special friend. Her name is Sandrine. She stays by my side all day long. And she is really nice. Mama thinks she's wacky - which is her way of saying she likes her a lot.

Mama is preparing a video of my first day ... it should be screened at your local cinemas soon!!!!!