Monday, October 6, 2008

Making friends is such fun!

I made my first friend!
I met her at Creche!
We get on very well!

She showed me how to do stuff

And towards the end of the morning, she took my hand and walked all around the playground with me. Mama was in tears of joy, cos she's never seen me interacting with kids my age before ... it was a riot!

I like Creche A LOT
I have my very own cupboard!

I got to hang out with the cool doods of the pack
who pretended not to mind when I stole their ball
(such gentlemen)

I get to clamber up and down all sorts of things.

Marie-Claude helped me ride a bike

and a mouse-like thing on wheels

My friend showed me the way for 'SNACK TIME'!!

It was fun!
An interesting event for all of us I think!

I stared at that piece of pear for a long time.
Must be some kind of game.

After snack-time ('Gouter' in French)
off we went to play play play
My faithful friend never far away!

We read a story

I watched in fascination
as the other kids sang along with Marie-Claude
I'd like to do that too!

And I would like to take this opportunity to say

"Thank you Ebay"
for making my fashion statement so colourful
on my first day at creche!

Why, even the toys are tailor made to match my outfit!!!

I really enjoyed my first day at Creche!!!
Next time, I get to go without Mama!