Monday, October 6, 2008

Making friends is such fun!

I made my first friend!
I met her at Creche!
We get on very well!

She showed me how to do stuff

And towards the end of the morning, she took my hand and walked all around the playground with me. Mama was in tears of joy, cos she's never seen me interacting with kids my age before ... it was a riot!

I like Creche A LOT
I have my very own cupboard!

I got to hang out with the cool doods of the pack
who pretended not to mind when I stole their ball
(such gentlemen)

I get to clamber up and down all sorts of things.

Marie-Claude helped me ride a bike

and a mouse-like thing on wheels

My friend showed me the way for 'SNACK TIME'!!

It was fun!
An interesting event for all of us I think!

I stared at that piece of pear for a long time.
Must be some kind of game.

After snack-time ('Gouter' in French)
off we went to play play play
My faithful friend never far away!

We read a story

I watched in fascination
as the other kids sang along with Marie-Claude
I'd like to do that too!

And I would like to take this opportunity to say

"Thank you Ebay"
for making my fashion statement so colourful
on my first day at creche!

Why, even the toys are tailor made to match my outfit!!!

I really enjoyed my first day at Creche!!!
Next time, I get to go without Mama!


Amber said...

What a BIG girl!!! I'm so proud of look so happy. Who wouldn't be? That place looks completely fun! You look so grown up sitting at the table, listening to the singing, and reading books. I could see that you were taking it all in and will be teaching your mama before she knows it! Much love, sweet Abigail.


Como no se le van a saltar las lagrimas a a tu mama, si se me saltan a mi tambien mirandote.... eres ... definitivamente un hada.. lo se.. te he descubierto, por que me has encantado con tu sonrisa. dale besos a tu mami y muchos muchos para ti princesa.por cierto el vestido de Agata Ruiz de la Prada me gusta mucho ,podrias pasar perfectamente por una modelo de pasarela......muy chic and chic.perdona mi ingles pero no se nada de nada de ingles ,menos mal que tu mama entiende mi español por que la traducion de geogle es muy pesima.

Abigail said...

Your outfit is darling!! Wonderful job making friends your first day! Pretty soon you'll be eating your pear and stealing the other kids pears too! (at least that's what Maddie would do!) I'm so excited for you! Maddie would love to go to creche with you! She'd probably love to go on her own too. You'll just have to keep showing her how to do it!

The VW's said...

What a fun day! You look like you had a great time Abigail! You definitely looked the prettiest of all your friends! Your momma sure does know how to dress you!

Anonymous said...

You dress both regally and playfully at the same time! Excellent taste, Princess! I can only assume that Creche is similar to our preschool...I am very impressed! Thanks to your lovely Mother for sharing you with us! Dr. B.

Coma Girl said...

Good luck without mama Abigail! And good luck to mama too!

Jeanette said...

Your daughter is precious!!! I am so nervous about facing my son and daughter's first day of school. Thanks for stopping by my site. I have to say that I just love Psalm 139 about how God knew each of us before even our mother's knew us. He knew us AND he knew our kids. How amazing!

Les Trois Aces... said...

te voilà aussi dans la cour des grands tu vas apprendre des tas de choses et te faire beaucoup d'ami je suis super contente que tu es enfin une place en crèche amuse toi bien petite coquine tu es très mignonne big bisous.

All 4 My Gals said...

Oh what fun Mommy! And I mean what fun YOU had at school. :) I'm glad Abigail got to have some fun as well. LOL She is ADORABLE!

Tell her that next I want to see a picture of YOUR hair after she has fixed it. I have had some doozies in my day with the four girls.