Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Don't you just LOVE this piccie of me brushing my hair all by myself!

Its my new-found trick ... and Mama is over the moon!

Oh, tis hard to be humble when one is so cute n'est-ce pas???!!!
By the way friends, go check out a new website all about Jacobsens Syndrome
Erin made it specially for Princesses like me and their parents ... so go take a stroll and see if there is anything you would like to contribute!!!!


Abigail said...

Next thing we know you'll be doing hair product commercials!! Great hair brushing, and I'm happy to learn more about Jocobsens Syndrome!

Anonymous said...

j'adore c'est trop mignon Abigail est une petite femme !!!!

Megan said...

She is so so so cute.

The VW's said...

What a precious girl! And, of course your mama is over the moon about it! How could she not be?! You are just so cute brushing that gorgeous hair of yours! Great job Abigail!

Heather said...

Fabulous new trick Miss Abigail!And can I tell you?I think you are pretty fabulous yourself.Going to school,making new friends.All totally fabulous.Love that word.Fitting I think for a princess,don't you ?

All 4 My Gals said...

Abigail tell your Mom that she is more than welcome to post anything from my blog on hers. :)


Tamara said...

Miss Abigail I am so proud of you twinkle toes! Lukey-lookey how big your getting! Brushing your own hair going to Creche without mama! Let me know when your baking cakes & we shall come for a visit! We have been sick, but are getting better, sorry we have not stopped by recently~ Tell Mama that our little guy we sponsor is in Zimbabwe Africa. I never knew your mama loved Africa! I too would love to go there! Do you know if Zambia is near Zimbabwe? Hugs and kisses to you our little sweets! Tamara & Princess Abigail in Colorado!

Pauline said...

J'adore cette photo , elle est tellement bien , tu te coiffe toute seule comme un grande fille ,
comme ma petite soeur je suis trop contente !!

A lundi qu'on joue ensemble , avec PO !!!!!