Friday, February 2, 2007

Hello! I'm Princess Abigail!!!

Boy, were the Bernard Bunch waiting for this! Mama always, always knew that I would come into their life, even after Papa and Mama had firmly decided that my two gorgeous elder brothers was offspring enough! I was just out there, waiting for them to hurry up and decide to build a body for me to live in ... and then out of the blue, in August 2005, they discovered that I had landed! At the time in the form of a second blue line on the pregnancy test, confirmation that Scottie had indeed beamed me aboard the Bernard Starboard Entreprise! Total elation ... a rhum or two, a momentary panic that they couldn't afford this, let alone manage three kids, then the realization that "Oh my goodness, Number Three is among us! For Mama and Papa this was a (vaguely semi-planned) surprise but such a totally wonderful happy one. At last, they knew our family was complete!
And before they knew it : there I was: All 2.8 miniature kilos of me, plonked into my Mama's arms wrapped in hospital paper ... so her first view of me was from profile and shecan SO clearly remember being astonished at what an irresistably gorgeous little upturned nose I had - oh, and also the question: how in the world had a loud-mouth never-keep-still Mama created such a cool calm collected and poised little girl? In a word : this was bliss, this was happiness, and according to my family, I AM perfection personified!

Mamas' editorial note : Thank you little Abigail for bringing so much happiness into our lives, you are such a little princess!!!


Amanda said...

Can I eat her up with some cookies and cream that gorgeous little Strawberry princess?

The Bernard Bunch said...

I'll check with Her Royal Highness tonight - methinks she prefers to be smothered in her green veggie mush, as illustrated in some of the pix. (proud beaming dotty mother smile)

Charlotte said...

Hello Abigail !
Tes frères ont l'air très marrants et toi tu à l'air d'etre encore plus coquine que moi !
Moi aussi j'étais très petite quand je suis née je ne faisais que 2,3 kg !