Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Abigail

Little Princess, it was almost four years ago when I found out the Bernard Bunch would expand .. as would my belly for another nine months

Fortunately Amanda got pregnant three weeks before me, so we were able to share these wonderful moments together!

Little girl, this was you exactly three years ago .... swimming away peacefully inside that huge belly of mine.

And this was you exactly three years ago this coming Sunday :

A miniature 2.8 kilos of beautiful little princess!

Your brothers gave you a jolly close inspection upon arrival

And then validated your voyage home to the Bernard Bunch Ranch
neither of them ever wanted to put you down ... in their arms they would keep you snug!
You were so tiny you fitted perfectly into one of my hands in the bath!
Although you complained at first, you eventually got used to baths ...
and today it is YOU who grabs hold of my hand and drags me to the bathroom when you want your evening bath fun.

Do you remember accompanying your brothers on their first day of school in the new village we moved to when we found out you were about to join us? And lo and behold, time catches up with me as I contemplate the fact that in September, you too will be starting school little girl!
Way to go little girl! Our first three years together have been long, tiring, yet unique and perfect in many ways. All those hospital stays in the first months were NOT fun. Do you remember this little boy on the leucaemia ward who befriended you? You two were in neighbouring rooms for a long time ... I often wonder where he is now.

The following two photos bring bitter-sweet memories little girl. Barely 12 hours later, we were to find out about Jacobsens Syndrome ... and how fragile this meant you would always be. You were, are, and always will be, just THE ultimately perfect little Princess. Those were hard moments, but you helped us through with your courage, your determination to live, and just your general loveliness!

Look how tiny you were here with Godmother Helen! Thank goodness you reverted to 'thrive' mode shortly after this photograph was taken, and that today you are a beautifully stocky little Princess!

Your smile shines through the hearts of the whole Bernard Bunch every day

Right from then start, your brothers would rarely let you out of their sight

Yes little girl, eating has never been your forte. Today at the grand old age of nearly three, you still insist on blended food. But at least it gives me lots and lots of quality fun with you at mealtimes!

I love you so much my little girl. Every morning I long to go pick you up out of your cot and hold you close to me in my bed, all warm and cozy, for our morning snuggles. Everymorning my heart breaks as I leave you with nou-nou to go to work ... and every evening I take too many risks on the road to dash home quickly and smother you in all the love and emotion which has been stocking up all day for you.

I'm so proud of you little Princess! You have come such a long way ... you have taught me so many things about life, and about what matters.
You are my precious little Princess, and I often wonder - how did I ever manage during those 37 years before you were born????!

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