Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baywatch - Alerte a Malibu

This is the life!
Dear old Celine is such a darling!
She looked after me ALL day!
Celine, you are such a star!!!
Just for the record, Celine is also Papa's God daughter, and Papa loves Celine SO much!! In fact, I think this photo shows Papa's two favorite girls in the whole world!!!

Maude, she is just so groovy!!!
She wears fashionable clothes and talks like a grownup
Maude is my mate!!! When I grow up I wanna be just like her!!
Il font quoi la bas les garcons? Ca a l'air marrant! Eh Thibaud, William, Nathan, Papa - jpeux jouer???!!!

Un peu de repos sur ces collosaux airbags...

This is Christine, Celine Maude and Thibaud's Mama. I like her a lot cos she fed me lots of milk ... and we have matching smiles don't you think??!!
All this excitement has tired me right out ... yaaaaawwwwn

Merci les Lafays pour une superbe journee!!!!