Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abigail's Thursdays

Good Morning Mama!

We're up early this morning aren't we?

Look, wanna see my new dress?

I think its great!

I can even pretend to be coy when I'm wearing it!
Hey ... .where's Papa taking me?

OI! Where am I going?
Why isn't Mama coming?


Am definately not happy about arrangements here

A stone!
(I have a short concentration span)

Aha ... now I remember ...
it's Thursday!
Speech therapy day!
08h00 in the morning ... 30 minutes drive away
so THAT's why you woke me up so early Mama!

Don't forget to go wake up William and Nathan for school!


See me waving in the back there?

Can't wait to get home and tell Mama all about today's speech therapy class!
Cecile tells me I'm making LOTS of progress!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quiet and demure ... sometimes

Hmmmm ... nobody's paying me any attention ....

... let's see ... plot plot plot .... what can I do to attract attention back to ME ME ME ME??AHA! One of my favorite tricks ... coming up ...




I can spray the WHOLE HOUSE with my chocolate milk!


Now do you understand why my television arm chair is in such a state????

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bernard Bunch in action!

Yeah I know, I look like a pretty scary Princess here ... Princess Dracula eh?

Most people can get sores in their mouth and thats it, end of story. Not me though. uh uh.
Because of my silly bleeding disorder thing ... my sore bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. This is what my mattress has looked like in the morning over the past few days. No fun. But Mama seems to think its subsiding ... phew!!! Its no fun walking round with blood drooling out my mouth all the time ... people stare at me and look totally freaked out.

Anyway, on a more cheerful note, you may be interested to know that my potty training is going well...

SO SORRY DR BOUCHER, Mama told me about the importance of correct posture and sitting positions .... but I love sitting in this position in front of Dora ... its wonderful!
Three new additions arrived at the Bernard Bunch this weekend!

And would you believe that they are born EXACTLY like that! All furry, wide-eyed and the moment they climb out of their embryonic sac, they go off chewing carrots! Totally amazing!

They are called Sandwich, Hamburger and Bambi (sigh ... Nathan's choices since it was his Hot Dog who gave birth)...
Papa was 43 at the weekend! William made him this special candle display which he was VERY proud of
and Mama and I wrapped all his gifts ... a spinky bottle opener (we live in the wine-making region!), a fly swat (Williams idea, I don't think Papa was impressed), and an orange display thing ... Mama just gave him a kiss ... it was quite a big one! Papa looked quite pleased...
And then we all had a funny five minutes with Mama's new camera .... it was fun! Papa didn't want to participate cos he's camera shy .... silly billy!!!!!!

(please ignore my chocolate milk on the chair arm ..... this is where I have my hot milk every morning, and I tend to get it all over the shop)

This is my TV chair when my potty has been returned to the appropriate place ...

Nathan loves Dora too ....

I took this picture!

Will my nose get longer like Pinocchio now?

Is that William behind that huge set of fangs??

William is so my partner in crime ....

Recognise the t-shirt Gramma???

toodle pip folks! sorry Mama has been a bit lame on posting on me more regularly ... but she has been really busy over the past few weeks ... tut tut ... just can't get the staff these days ....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Daddy's girl

Did you know that there is no place more lovely to fall asleep than in my Papa's arms?

But as soon as I have nodded off
my brothers sneak in (usually Nathan I might add)
and take the warm niche I leave behind

But Papa never lets go of me

I love my Papa so much

and he loves me a thousand times more than that!