Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mama keeps laughing at me

Mama has given me a long series of pet-names-of-affection over the past few days

"AWW, my little Jack Russel" was the first

Then it moved on to

"My little Jack Russel with four eyes"

It wasn't long before she was also calling me "PONGO"
(I trust this has nothing to do with odours from my nether regions)

and finally, "My Gorgeous little Panda" was this morning's nickname

I'm wondering when she is going to start calling me
"My sweet little Meerkat .... "

As I suspect there was an element of mockery to some of her new terms of endearance

I decided to call upon my amazing powers of universal influence ...

A TRAFFIC JAM for Mama!!!

Mama is SUCH a patient person

I knew she would love this

Ho hum the pleasures of revenge!

But she eventually plodded into work (VERY LATE)
and was comforted by her GORGEOUS friend Justine

(she used to live with Moose before she moved to France. )

Justine is always very good at helping Mama recover from the traumas of morning traffic

I, in the meantime, chilled out at home... watching Iggle Piggle

and enjoying being irresistibly beautiful ....

ps: William and Nathan are at home on holidays all this week, and Papa is looking after us. I think that's why Mama is so irritable, cos SHE has to go to work!!!! Tee Hee Hee!!!
Addendum Friday 30th October ... in response to multiple questions regarding Abigail's bruised eye, friends are invited to read this posting from a few months back :

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This weekend it was Amanda's 6-month-late birthday party.

(its actually in July, but Mama forgot cos it was the day I was doing my drowning stint)

I gave Amanda a Barbie crown to celebrate the occasion regally

She had the traditional

"Bernard Bunch Smartie Cake'

forced upon her

(pssst : Amanda took out one of the pink candles to make it look like she was only 25)

Us small people all loved the cake a lot

- oh, and so did Becka Boo....

(she's not very small, but she counts as a Princess)

This is Mama's lovely Welsh friend Becka Boo

We enjoyed discovering each other!

Becka Boo delighted me in reading me book

after book

after book

after book

what a patient little girl Becka Boo is!

Soul mates!

Amanda and I shared fashion tips

I enjoyed annoying Amanda's hubby Nico as he tried to snooze in a corner

But then HIS little girl Emily started doing the same thing to MY Papa!

Um, scu-u-u-u-u-u-u-se me, I'm not sure I like the idea of this, Emily...

Look whatMama did to poor little Emily ....

She is SO embarrassing ... can't take her ANYWHERE

And THIS, my friend, is my hearthrob .... Jack!

He was born a month before me is a piccie of Mama and Amanda in 2006 sporting us both inside huge tummies!!! AW, ain't we cute???

Right, now I'm off for a rest... all this hullabaloo has been quite exhausting!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Who said I couldn't eat all by myself???

I'd say I'm pretty autonomous, would't you????

Mama is in a bad mood today

Dunno why ...

Do you?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cuzzinly weekend

This weekend we went for lunch at my Godfathers house.
Mama tried to strangle Valerie.

Papa and his parents just watched

I figured Mamie's glasses suited me more than they do her

although I do have a cute nogging without them !

Mama enjoyed showing off her new nail dangles

and Nathan was just bursting with happiness
when his Godfather Laurent gave him a souvenir from his summer holidays ...
I thought little Nathans cheeks were going to explode!

As usual, I applauded everyone

all the time

just 'cos ...

And waved goodbye to anything that moved

I had an intellectual exchange with my Godfather

And guess what!
Lena cried!
and cried!
and cried!
and cried!

This is her Mama, Valerie,
pretending not to be annoyed
that I kept running after her little girl
But it really is so much FUN
to antagonize my little cousin

I did eventually give up
and played on the swing with Mamie instead
much to Lena's relief

Lena's Mama pretended not to notice she had locked me out
do you think this could have been subtle revenge?

Valerie was shocked that we could think such things of her!!!

It was a lovely jubly day!

I paraded around in quite a royal fashion

Just minding my own princessly business

Isn['t this a cute pair of brothers????
I wonder how much mischief THAT PAIR got up to at my age!!!