Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swan Lake revisited by Princess Abi

When I was born, Mama was told by many doctors that I probably wouldn't be able to do things most other kids do - like walk, talk, go to school, do sports .... .. so imagine how special a day this was for me and Mama :

Would you agree that .... words aren't really necessary here?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ahoy there Captain Abi!

Jason invited me to his 5th birthday party!

Jason is one of my best buddies, we get on really well, and sometimes when Mama and Papa go out for an evening together, I stay at his house! And I never want to leave - I LOVE going there, its like Never Never Land ....

We were greeted by our own personal pirate! He was really cool.

Jason's foster Mama Mary-Line made him the most amazing birthday cake in the whole world! Have you ever seen a cake like that? Pancake sails, biscuit canons, malteser canon-balls, chocolate twiglet barriers and crocodiles swimming menacingly in the surrounding sea - we were all captivated!!! (and Mama was envious that despite her developed talents in the domain, she could never make something so spectacular!!)

Jason blew out his five candles majestically I must say:

We watched with disgust as our pirate friend destroyed the work of art!!

But we forgave him quickly cos the cake was fab to taste!

Look at the impatient look on our faces and in our body-language as we impatiently wait to savour the dead pirate ship!

Then it was pirate games in the garden : yippeeee!!! We had a great time being very silly indeed!

I found inspiration to draw a ... um ... thing ....

Au revoir!! And thank you for a magical wonderful birthday party Jason!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Video 8/10/11 at

Summer mermaid

Summer fun!!!

Ok so there was a little pool incident this summer ... Papa forgot to clean the pool regularly enough and ... the water turned irreparably green. Which was ok for a while cos the weather has been simply DREADFUL here in France : rain rain rain flipping rain! I might just as well live in England...

so anyway, whilst Papa cleaned out the pool...

Princess me was given the luxury of her own private bathing area!

My initial joy came out of trying to empty it, but then ...

I decided this was the time to rock and roll!

I had a whale of a time!

I spent a lot of time trying to splash the photographer, much to her annoyance

Yes, as you can see, my brothers have spent the summer so far sleeping in the garden. They have even installed TV, music and lighting in that tent you know!

William and Nathan were quick to rejoice in the return of clean water to the pool...

And Mama expressed her distinct joy at their return to the land of the living from their neanderthal tent

Right, am off on hols to the South of France now folks! Speak soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spectacle de fin d'année: 2ème partie

Cerise sur le gateau: grace a Barbara qui dance avec moi, je fais la deuxième partie du spectacle aussi! Mon public dans la salle était aux anges! Merci Barbara!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ode à Barbara!

La fin de l'année scolaire s'approche a vitesse grand 'V', et je voulais prendre le temps de remercier de tout coeur une personne qui m'accompagne depuis dix mois avec tendresse, pédagogie et passion. Il s'agit de ma maîtresse d'école Barbara ... je suis une de ses premières élèves dans sa vie d'institutrice, et je suis super contente que nos chemins se soient croisés, meme si ce ne fût que pour une courte période.

Barbara, saches que tu as été une superbe maîtresse pour moi. Ta gentillesse et l'intérêt que tu m'as porté tout au long de cette année de moyenne section de Maternelle m'ont été extrèmement bénéfique, et ont beaucoup touché ma famille.

Merci Barbara : tu es une maîtresse formidable! Ne l'oublies jamais!!