Thursday, September 25, 2008


Guess what this is ?

No not the "William" bit
- I mean that bundle on the sofa.

It's me!

Fast asleep.

Wanna know why??

Its all cos of the Lamboleys ...

we went to their house for the day ...

Look at all the antics I got up to ...

and then tell me you're still surprised!

I was a social butterfly all day

mingling with every one

I bonded a lot with this Eric

And also with this Eric

I was swung from the Chandeliers

I taught Patricia how to play with dolls

and I let her rub my tummy

I climbed up and down the mezzanine stairs four hundred times

I listened to Lamboley
(probably what tired me out the most)
He is very silly.
His laugh sounds like a fog-horn.
He is very nice though
We all like him a lot
He is one of Papa's best friends

I watched television on the mezzanine

and in Isabelle's arms
I ate my lunch all by myself

I watched Mama devour a lot of this Trapezienne cake

She's been going to the gym a lot since then
I watched friends chatting ...

I observed a Greek God yawning

I befriended an Ourangoutan

I observed French beauty at its best.
Isabelle, married to Lamboley
she laughs in a normal way
She is also one of Papa's best friends

I told lots of Teletubby stories

to Florent and Patricia

They listened with baited breath

I went off into the woods to stalk down my brothers

I could only find one of them

And at a local park
I learned how to slide
all by myself!
I was SO PROUD!!

Honestly.... pray tell ..
is it ANY wonder I ended up like this?