Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good news for me after a day at the children's hospital : YOOPEEE!!!

Off we went, Mama and I, for my 6-month encephalogramme thingie to see how my brain was doing - when I was tincy wincy they thought I was epileptic, so I go back every now and again to check everything is all hunky dorry - to be honest I reckon there's nout wrong with me and these doctor people are all overreacting ... the nice bit is that they rock you to sleep and stroke your head and do all sorts of soothing things that make you feel great ... and get a load of all those wires ... impressive or wot??? Its worth it just for all the spoiling they do ...

This is the nurse who read my brain waves as I was asleep - she is ever so nice ... she looks aftger me each time I go for the brain thingie, so we've started to truly warm to one another now!

snore ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz .... snore .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...................snore

YAWN .... time to wake up!
and once awake, thats when all the doctors read and interpreted all the funny graphs drawn over the computer screens during my sleep and good news - the epilepsy is regressing!!! It will actually one day go away for good, maybe even in a year or two, much to my Mama and Papa's immense relief! Dr Ville, my neurologist, told Mama that I am making splendid progress on the psychomotricity front and that she couldn't believe how far I have come along and how well I am doing!
What could be better news than that I ask????

Monday, January 21, 2008

More festivities and Celine's birthday ...

On Saturday, the whole Bernard Bunch was invited to Celine's house to celebrate her 13th birthday. Papa is Celine's Godfather, and every January we go celebrate the additional year together ... so here we are at the local flower shop, getting a beautiful bunch of posies for Celine and for her Mama ...

The flower lady was ever so nice with me (methinks she was secretly planning on adopting me but my Mama watches over me like a hawk so not much chance of that!) and gave me my own little bunch of posies ... which terrified me of course - Mama says I have yet to learn some social niceties for this kind of situation

Then off I went with the posies, thanking the nice lady furiously for her kindness towards me ...

.. then I landed in Celine's house and was immediately distracted by the hoards of new bits and pieces I had never seen before ...

things that no-body else ever seems in the slightest bit interested in, but me ..

tut tut, what a mess on this table ... let me tidy this up quickly whilst Papa looks at photo albums with Celine and her Papa Didier ..

Then we all had some dead yummy nosh - get a load of Thibaud's groovy mohican hair-do over at the end of the table there!

Ah, Celine and Papa, the two of them are crazy about each other ...

Isn't she a real cutie pie??

OI! Get yer mits off of my Papa!!!
(just kidding ... look at the pair of love birds!!)

and here I am now with trendy Maude ... she is SO cool!!

and with Christine who looked after me very carefully and cuddlefully!!!

oooops - wind the clocks back a bit, we're back to Christmas now - here's Nathan with his brand new Nintendo DS game - does he look happy or does he look happy?????

Is there really any need for illustrative text for this photo?

Now believe it or not, Valerie and Laurent actually get on quite well, though its difficult to imagine given the enthusiasm conveyed in this wee piccie ....
... and yes, it must be said, Laurent does have a funny face, doesn't he?
I do like him though, cos he smothers me in cuddles and kisses
much to my cousin Lena's distress!Come on Lena, cheer up! He smothers you in snogs all day and night too! And he spends three hours an evening saying "night-night" - you should see the speedy gonzalez 'night night' I get from my lot!!!

I know, its hilarious isn't it???!!!
what is?
uh.. dunno
There, I just KNEW my Mama could bring a smile back to your gorgeous little face Lena!!
Thats what fairy Godmothers are for!!

My cousin Emeline and her Godmother Valerie, who is also Lena's Mama and my Auntie
(I need a compass to find my way round my family ties and links!!!)

A truly Bernard Christmas in Lucenay

This is me contemplating stabbing Mama with a silver fork
but she promised never to make me wear bunches again so I let her off

And here is my own GORGEOUS Godfather!!!
Watch this spot for the next riveting epistle!!!