Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mischief maker

"HELLO guys! Wanna hear about some of my latest mischief???"

I intend to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in a couple of years, and that requires a substantial amount of training. I started my programme by practicing with the front-room table. Pretty impressive stuff! Mama's vintage 70's salad bowl didn't think so though. Don't grown-ups just make such a fuss about nothing? You'd have thought that instead of taking this photo, Mama could have saved her sacred bowl instead???!!! Fortunately, I know how to squirm out of trouble ... a coy mischievous look in her direction INVARIABLY works. She's such a sucker!

Mama collects Pippa dolls. Its a strange hobby, but she had Pippa dolls as a girl and keeps her precious collection in a very safe place far from my mits. Well, that's what SHE thought!!!

My meanie Mama whipped them out of my grasp before I could even play with them (loud grunt of disgust) ... I got my revenge with one of my FAVORITE tricks though .... (mischievous giggle)

I like to wait until Mama has just got me out of the bath and dressed my in my spinkiest and nicest-smellingest pyjamas

with an air of innocense, I discretely reach for a spoon ...

and hey presto I have added a whole new dimension to the term "clean out of the bath"

The spoon invariably gets snatched off me though (snarl)
so I read the Teletubbies book Mandorallyn sent me instead

I would wash my face myself ... I just haven't quite got the hang of getting those tissue things out of their packet (note the funky T-shirt Gracie???!!!)

This is one of my summit meetings with my brothers

where we plan forthcoming mischief ... they are certainly a great inspiration to me.

I was mischievous enough a few nights ago to contradict another one of those silly diagnosis that the Doctors gave me ... declaring that I would not be able to eat solid food until I was a lot older, if at all. That is was part of my ‘syndrome’…

What a load of kodswallop!!! Mama served pizzas to the boys (their Friday night treat to go with the film we hire!!) and I DEMANDED that Mama give me a slice. I mean come on, a Princess has to know a little about Pizzas to appreciate the grander things in life, right? Now I noticed Mama looked a bit puzzled because she is used to feeding me puree with a spoon. I gently nudged her in the right direction by pointing at the pizza and then pointing at my mouth. See!! Who needs words when body language will do the trick??? So Mama fed me a whole slice of pizza (four-cheeses – it was heavenly!) and I chewed my way down the entire slice! Mama is still jumping around in joyous amazement! (come on Mama, its only a slice of pizza, get real!!)

There is a downside to permanently performing miracles of this kind though.
Mama was so excited at the accomplishment that, unlike with the salad bowl episode above, she clean forgot to take photos. So I'll just have to leave the incident to your wild imaginations!!!
.....What do you mean, "asleep already" ...

wouldn't YOU be exhausted after all that mischief??!!