Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A day in the life of a Princess

A new version of the AA (Automobile Association) :

Ambulance Abigail

Here I am, off to save my fallen Dipsy (called LaLa)

There we are, Abigail to the rescue

fret not Lil Dipsy,

I'll make all your bo-bo's go away

Sit in the pushchair and try and relax
Then you'll feel better
Poor LaLa ...
To make you feel better
come with me to buy some flowers for Mama's garden

There ... now we ALL feel better don't we!!!

Come on teletubbies, time for bed now

Spot the funky shoes!!

My gorgeous birthday gift !!!

Pretty funky stuff eh??

Now here's more funky stuff

Imagine growing up with this pair of funky doods!

Always on their best behaviour

setting a good example for me

Oh the life and times of a coy princess ...