Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the mood for giggles

I have discovered a new treasure...

In the form of a box
Which contains lots of interesting things to wear
It used to belong to my brothers when they were smallerBut it is now mine

I get hours of fun out of it

And the Bernard Bunch seems to find it all quite entertaining too

A Princess is a Princess
no matter her attire

Now, whilst I go off and try some more of those great outfits
Let me give you a taste
of what my brothers have been up to lately

These are suggestive photos

Just to give you 'a feel'

of the kind of nonsense

I have to put up with every day

My brothers are a great source of inspiration

for many wise activities

Although I don't frankly understand all of them

They are my brothers no matter how stupid their antics

Its surprising I turned out so well, considering my immediate entourage

I'm off now - I just discovered a GREAT Nemo outfit!
Au revoir!