Thursday, September 22, 2011

Swan Lake revisited by Princess Abi

When I was born, Mama was told by many doctors that I probably wouldn't be able to do things most other kids do - like walk, talk, go to school, do sports .... .. so imagine how special a day this was for me and Mama :

Would you agree that .... words aren't really necessary here?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ahoy there Captain Abi!

Jason invited me to his 5th birthday party!

Jason is one of my best buddies, we get on really well, and sometimes when Mama and Papa go out for an evening together, I stay at his house! And I never want to leave - I LOVE going there, its like Never Never Land ....

We were greeted by our own personal pirate! He was really cool.

Jason's foster Mama Mary-Line made him the most amazing birthday cake in the whole world! Have you ever seen a cake like that? Pancake sails, biscuit canons, malteser canon-balls, chocolate twiglet barriers and crocodiles swimming menacingly in the surrounding sea - we were all captivated!!! (and Mama was envious that despite her developed talents in the domain, she could never make something so spectacular!!)

Jason blew out his five candles majestically I must say:

We watched with disgust as our pirate friend destroyed the work of art!!

But we forgave him quickly cos the cake was fab to taste!

Look at the impatient look on our faces and in our body-language as we impatiently wait to savour the dead pirate ship!

Then it was pirate games in the garden : yippeeee!!! We had a great time being very silly indeed!

I found inspiration to draw a ... um ... thing ....

Au revoir!! And thank you for a magical wonderful birthday party Jason!!!