Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ogres and donkeys

Ahhhhh .... the Bernard Bunch ....
what a cute family we are .... don't you think?
I'm the rather gorgeous one with the pink bow
the other two are much smellier than me
(peeeeuw weee)
Ogre baby number 1
That's the hairy one on the left there
Ogre baby number 1 doesn't go to school anymore
it has declared going-to-school strike
Papa Shrek and Princess Mama Fiona are very, very upset.
Emphasis on the 'very'

Ogre baby number 2

Was almost eaten by this ogre ... eeeeuw!

But baby ogre 2 decided to have a tantrum instead

then another one

then another one

then another one

and one more 'just in case'

very entertaining stuff

all round really

Ogre baby number 3

Do we really need introducing, folks? come on!!

(arms folded, foot tapping)

Princess Mama Fiona

is on the warpath I will confess that Princess Mama Fiona was totally foxed by the "Baby ogre 1 refusing to go to school" episode. Especially since NOTHING could shake it out of it. I don't think I've ever heard so many English language expletives (nor have I ever seen her shed so many tears) but boy, this was it. Baby ogre 1 had finally reached threshold tolerance where Princess Mama Fiona was concerned. They had one of those 'Big Meaningful Talks', locked away in baby ogre 1's bedroom. I don't know why they locked themselves away, cos she was talking so loudly I think even people in Paris probably got the gist of it all. For the record, Paris is about 300 km from where we live.

Princess Mama Fiona told baby ogre 1 that it had a lot of growing up to do. It is feeling quite lost as a result. Its so much more fun to be a baby ogre than a Shrek .... does it really have to grow up, Princess Mama Fiona? I do like it just the way it is, but I guess we all have to grow up one day, and the time has come for baby ogre 1. It's been putting off the growing up process for so long now that the reality of the situation is making it feel lost, up a creek without a paddle .... poor things, tis all part of life's rich tapestry .... will I have to go through this too, one day, Princess Mama Fiona?

Dear, dear Old Papa Shrek

Even Papa Shrek is tempted to eat baby ogres 1 and 2 alive at the moment

Thank god for Papa Shrek though, that's what I say.

He does a tremendous job of calming Princess Mama Fiona down (well, a bit) and getting baby ogre 1 to do its homework... which is a very difficult task when all it wants to be doing is play in its own little world, read books, talk to Electrode (an ogre-pig) and of course, play with Princess Abigail

Thank you Papa Shrek for being so patient, for putting up with the Shrekish nonsense of the Bernard Bunch! You are truly a star!!! (ps: Princess Mama Fiona told me she loves you lots and lots and lots ...)

PS: coming to your screens soon : pix of my 2nd birthday!!!!! and a Right Royal Visit by Sianie and Chris ... stay tuned folks for more scintillantingly interesting stuff ...