Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Home at last!!!!

HEY Papa! Thank you for driving us the 800km it takes to bring us back home - all overnight! What a fantastic and brave Papa you are!!!

In thanks, I promise to stop annoying you when you are trying to relax
Thank you for introducing me to the sea Papa ... those were truly magic moments together ...

Thank you William and Nathan for entertaining me so wonderfully and permanently!
(this is Rosie who goes to the same place as us every year ... don't tell William I told you so, but I think he's a tad smitten with Rosie ... ooohhhh!!!)

This was the BIIIIIG slope outside our little house, leading to the gate ... the boys helped me climb up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down and ...
I really enjoyed William and Nathan building a damm together ... it certainly kept them VERY busy!!!

Thank you Mama for improvising a high chair for me which I clung on to with my life for fear of falling off! By the end of the hols though, I was clambering all over it, onto the table and getting up to all sorts of mischief!

I had a great time watching the teletubbies chatter away in Spanish ...and watching the clothes go round ... and round ... and round ... and round ... and round.
Fascinating stuff!~

I must say I had a lovely jubly time ....

Its always so nice to spend some real quality time with the family, to lounge around doing nothing much and just playing playing playing playing...
... Papa Mama William and Nathan are a little nostalgic about being back .... and as Mama's camera has gone on strike (the cyber cafe in Sitges did not do her photo disk much good) I have decided to create a little collage of people we all love, just to cheer them all up ... read on down for more!!!...
Hasta luego mis amigos!!!

Some of my loved ones - part 2 soon!

Nathan and his Godmother Sianie in London
Mama in one of her favorite countries : Peru

Mama and her colleague and friend Laurence ...who's birthday is TODAY!!
My Mama is African (Zambian) and here she is in Ghana with her friend Tumi who is from South Africa

Thank you my dear, dear Amber, for this award ... Mama is a bit of an airhead and has taken too long in getting round to doing something about it ... but the Bernard Bunch is VERY proud to have this award! One big THANK YOU!!
Mama and her sister Sianie (Yes, there is a 14 year gap but the same biological parents!)
Lena, my cousin, Mama's Goddaughter - with her Mama Valerie and her Papa Laurent, who is Papa's brother .... the connections can all get quite complicated sometimes!
William and Auntie Valerie
William being terribly sophisticated and suave

Me and my French Grandmother Mamie. My middle name is Viviane because I am named after Mamie. My second middle name is Audrey, after Mama's paternal Grandmother, who Mama loves lots and lots and lots even though she left us in 1996. One day soon mama intends to do a blog post ALL about Audrey Keene, who was quite a character!
This is Papa with his Mama Mamie
Me and Papi, Papa's Papa ... his name is Jean-Claude (one of William's middle names)
One of my groovier hair styles (courtesy Pauline)
Papa and his two brothers ... Franck my parrain (Godfather) and Laurent my Uncle (Nathan's Godfather)

They definately don't fight as much as William and Nathan do!!!
This is my Grandad Keene, Mama's Papa, with Ester his wife

Who thinks Mama and Grandad look alike?

My Godmother Helen, she's Scottish (oh well) (Mama is Welsh)

This is Parrain, Franck my Godfather
To the right is Alexis, Parrain's son and our cousin ...
Parrain and Anne-sophie his wife, with MOI!!!
Uncle Laurent and cousin Alexis
With Papi again ...

Snuggling up to Mama for the bottle ...

I hereby declare myself fully capable of drinking my milk all by myself now .... although I get it everywhere ... some of it also ends up in my tummy !!! I have made a LOT of progress since this photograph though and can do lots of things for myself, cos I am a very clever little Princess!