Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Emma, I am especially fond of you

Mama and I have been following this blog for over two years now :


Tonight, little Emma is opening her beautiful white wings of love and is about to fly off to heaven.

Please give her gorgeous parents and siblings lots of love and comfort as they accompany their little angel in her last magic moments in this world.

Emma is a terrific, terrific little girl.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome back camera, all is forgiven!!!

I have spent a week at home, cooped in

Whilst most people would probably get bored, I have loved every second!

Mama and I have taken the opportunity to perform many kitchen experiments...

which all amused me NO END of course

I have spent a little more time than I would have liked with my physiotherapist ..... his job was to get all the bleuck out of my lungs which was stopping me from breathing and which has been causing such high temperatures

He did a jolly good job though cos today I am so much better!

I celebrated my recovery by dressing up as Snow White for a while

and by sabotaging Papa's computer0....

William taught me how to consume hair as a means of compensating for classic food hunger

and in finding the camera under a voluminous amount of rubble in the kitchen, I was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year all over again ...

..... celebrating the new year with Mama and Papa with my own beverage

Now that we have the camera back, I can vouch that Mama really did try to strangle Uncle Laurent ... yet I know she's quite fond of him so I don't really get it...

She also took full advantage of her gorgeous little God Daughter who she loves so much ... she is such a bundle of fun that little time bomb!!!

Mama Loves you Lena!!!

She quite likes La Valdoche too ... although she is a tad too fertile for her comfort ...

Huguette and I had a wild time on Christmas day (Huguette is Papi"s sister)

and this is an exclusive shot of my little girl cousin due in on my birthday! What a copycat

Here I am with my Mami and my new wings. My Mami is having a BIG operation today cos she has lots of bad things growing inside her ... we are all sending her our most positive vibes so she recovers well. We love you Mami!

Back to Christmas day ... you don't really think I'm going to share this new toy with you, do you??

Don't you just love my new wings?

ok folks time to go now ... it's late, I have been sick for five days and have to go to bed early, and Mama wants to whisper sweet nothings to her new-found camera. Speak soon folks!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mama is an air-head

In her typically dizzy fashion, Mama has 'misplaced' the family camera. She remembers putting it down 'somewhere' but can't for the life of her remember where that place is. And she is feeling jolly frustrated cos there have been thousands of wonderful opportunities for great pix of ME ME ME ME ME, what with all the snow we've been having, my first steps and experiences with it, and all the mischief I have been up to.

So this weekend, the hunt is on. Who ever unveils the mystery camera hide-away wins a new Wii game .... feel free to come hunt with us tomorrow if you feel the urge! The more the merrier!

This evening, I am poorly. I have a cough, a temperature and big black lines under my eyes. Mama got called away from work by the creche cos they were worried by the fact that I was just lying there, not moving or saying a word. they are used to the more bouncy and smiling me that they see the other days. Mama bombed along those motorways to get to me quickly, and my little face totally lit up when she walked into the room where I was ... sitting and looking into space. I was so happy to see her - my feet barely touched the floor as I ran across the hallway and into her beckoning arms!

So I am off to see my paediatrician Dr Mustapha Dahoun now - the best Princess Doctor in the whole world. I wish I could share a photo with you all cos he is also quite handsome - but alas my Mama is an airhead. Need I say more?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mama is sad

Mama is sad ... because of this kind of reality. She keeps hugging me and thanking my lucky stars that I was born in France. Sometimes Mama wishes she didn't do so much Internet research to understand disability, cos she doesn't always stumble upon fun stuff....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mama got told off by Justine today

Justine told Mama off at work today cos she says Mama doesn't update my blog frequently enough. Justine is quite a tough lady. So Mama has asked me to explain that its all my fault. I have been changing outfits willy nilly all around the house every minute of the day ... what else can you expect? It takes up all of Mama's time!!!!!!!