Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Honestly ... I think we can do without words here, don't you???

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am not happy ...

Chicken pox is not fun folks ...

I am quite grumpy at the moment

I have one sore right under my left eye-lid, and it hurts so much.
In fact, its only when I am in the bath that I can ever open that eye at the moment.

I am covered in spots ... from head to foot ...

and only the bath provides me with any relief ... cos otherwise I am one big sticky pussie mess..

Only four more days of this to go!

Thank goodness for big brothers who drown me in get-well-soon love!!

Send me lots of positive vibes folks ... cos I am quite an unhappy puppy and I do need to get well soon!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My first class photo

This is my first class photo, taken at Carnival when we were disguised and about to party on down. In total recognition of my regal status, note how we are all dressed up as Princes and Princesses ! We made the outfits ourselves, and I was so proud of mine I refused to wear anything else for days!

See "Lally" sat next to me there? Her real name is Sandrine, but I like to call her Lally. We love each other very much - she is dead groovy. She is my special person who looks after me, stays by my side at all times and helps me to learn.

Don't you just love this photo? Mama is in extasy here!

Oh - and good news! Yesterday Mama met with my 'educational team' (social services, headmistress, teacher, Sandrine, my 'educatrice' from my special centre I go to twice a week, and Mama) to assess how I am doing at school and discuss the way forward.

The social services told Mama that, since the law was passed in France in 2005 making it mandatory for special needs children to have the opportunity go to school with their peers, Princess Abigail is the first case of total success and no difficulty. The lady added that it was heart-warming to see how happy I was to go to school, how easily I have made friends, how naturally I have adapted to social rules and learning processes - and that whilst I have some real learning difficulties, I have generated so much joy and happiness. Mama was in tears she was so happy!

So the bottom line is : we are increasing my attendance to an extra half day, so nowI will be going to school on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays! Am I a grown-up or WHAT?

Gosh, how I love that lucky star which watches over me so well!