Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chipmonk's tea-party - Princess fashion

I was a goat in a previous life, I'm sure

"Princess Goat"
Mama says there are more flattering titles
Like what?
"Princess I-love-to-chew-on-the-yogurt-lid-for-hours-on-end"?
I don't think so!

I think that whoever invented spoons is a pillock.

Look! No hands!

These sticky-out thingies on my juice are fun. They make entertaining rattling noises on the inside of the box if you shake it around enough ...

when Mama lets me get within reach of it, that is ... which isn't very often

....good thing I'm such a super sleuth and able to foil her attemps to prevent me from getting my mits on that magic juice-spills-every-where-if-you-squeeze-it-enough box

Mama is quite proud of myself at the moment.
I am starting to take a real interest in feeding myself.
With my hands of course, not that silly spoon thing.

"Mamaaaaaa ... can I have another yoghurt lid please?"

Look, who's the Princess around here anyway?
If I can't have my own way, then I'm clambering out of this (increasingly tight) high-chair, and am off to sulk ...

toodle pip

My wild and indeed international flora and fauna

Remember my old friend Willow? Well she has happily settled down in the home of the Canadian playmobile about 50km South of Lyon ...

look at her showing off here in her new abode!

And now look!! Another beautiful tree has become my namesake! Look!


And guess where this "Abigail" tree is today?

In San Antonio, Texas!

Yes, that Texas country not far from Mexico .... ain't that something?

(that was me trying to sound American).

Thank you Dr Boucher for giving me such a great honour!

Not just a great therapist, but a pretty funky gardener too!

Moving on ...
.....allow me to introduce another of my great friends ....


(um ... he's the slightly smaller of the two creatures below)

and my other great friend

"Hot Dog"
(she's the one with the slightly wider-open eyes)

I get to spend lots of quality time with Electrode, William, Hot Dog and Nathan ...

I have also, of late, become something of a bird-watcher.

You may remember Mama inherited two canaries about a year ago... well their home and family have expanded .... as you can see, they have all been very busy!

I am particularly fond of the bullfinches. Can you remember how incredibly tiny they were just a couple of weeks ago? And now look at the huge great things - I reckon they've been snacking on William and Nathan's four-cheeze pizzas - which I will confess I am becoming quite partial to myself, as it happens.
They don't really look like baby chicks any more do they? Yet they aren't even a month old yet!

And this is the bullfinch baby with his Papa ... are they cute or are they CUTE???

OK, so moving swiftly on from Mama's boring passion for all things with feathers (including Boa's - her mate Becka Boo suggested it was time I had my first, so watch this space, I could be sporting a purple diamante one before long).....
I have my uttered my fifth word!
You may remember that my current vocabulary stands at :
1. = "Mama"
2. = "Papa"
3. = "Ravwahr" (Au-Revoir = French for "Goodbye")
4. "Il est la" (= he/she/it is over there)
Well I now have a fifth word!
5. = "Na Naaan"
What do you mean: "What does that mean"?
It means "Nathan" of course.
off to learn some more words now!
toodle pip!