Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who wants some insight into a state secret????

Hello folks! There's a lot of hustle and bustle in the house today
because tomorrow is my big day
I'm going to be christened!!
Mama and Papa have been preparing this for months
and today was my big out-fit trying and fitting session...
...sssh, don't tell anyone, the dress always has to be kept a secret!!

Now am I gorgeous or am I gorgeous?

I think Mama wanted to squeeze in a few pictures of my outfit whilst it was still white

... won't be an easy feat tomorrow methinks!!!

this is what my feet will look like

and this is what my bottom will look like

butI hope this is not what my mood will look like

by the end of the day tomorrow!!

Being a model does get boring after a while!!!

Watch this space for more riveting news!!!