Thursday, January 8, 2009

My new friends are shunned by Mama

I have brought some new friends home from creche! They have certainly created quite a lot of animation within the Bernard Bunch ...

Could this be a new pensive mode for my brothers?
Why else would they scratch their heads so often?

The whole family has been doing lots of special shampoo's since I brought them home

My guests are very friendly you know. They are certainly very cuddly on my scalp and seem to want to be close friends ... I can feel their presence, um, all the time.
It's driving my brothers barmy!Mama decided they have to go though ... she said the only guests allowed into the Bernard home are the one's she invites. Apparently she doesn't like my new friends. She calls them 'invasive' ... she's been spraying smelly stuff on the furniture, in my bed, cleaning profusely,boiling sheets and clothes, the whole kaboudle. Its quite rude really ... she's making my guests feel quite unwelcome. yet look how cute they are! How could anyone be so mean to such cute little critters????!!!
Mama says I have a lot to learn about hygiene...

Mama, my head is driving me MAD!!!!!

It's so IIIIIIIIITchy ...
All these shampoos seem to be doing the trick though
Thanks Mama! That's much better!

(don't tell Mama I published this piccie -

-she never lets ANYONE see her without her make-up on!!)

Hey, by the way, I'm having a great time discovering this blog. Which is ironic, I suppose, since I've been writing it since before I was even born. Anyway, we'll discuss reality and feasibility at a later stage .... I'm LOVING discovering all my own piccies and all of yours too! I'm spending many a moment in front of the computer discovering you all ... in fascination, amazement and - a first I'm told - true concentration! So keep up the good work fellow bloggers, I'm on your case!

Hey Amber! Look at this great top I'm sporting today Don't I look stunning?
Thank You Baker Bunch for this lovely, lovely Princess top! Hey - Abigail and Mandorallyn - get a load of the great framed embroidery in the back-ground there! Isn't it amazing! Everyone who comes to the house comments on it you know!And Gramma - if you look carefully, Mama is sporting the beautiful ear-rings you gave her for Christmas - she wears them every day you know! She LOVES the colour and sparkle! Great choice!
And to all my blogging friends, here's a special message to you all expressed on a breakfast item Mama prepared this morning with our Christmas gift from my Aunty Sianie in London:

Need I say more???!!!