Monday, September 8, 2008


Yes, some of you very observant people out there ...

have noticed that I have become something of a rebel

as far as my glasses are concerned!!!


They get on my nerves .... they really do .... And look!!

If I stand far enough away from the television

(like, in the house next door)

I can see whats going on on television!

So who needs glasses anyway?Yes, I have to confess ....

this is where Mama found them.

Abigail's laundry basket.

Let me explain ....
Because I am a Princess,

I have lots and lots of clothes.

I have a wardrobe which BULGES with clothes to wear...

so Mama only ever needs to do my laundry about once a week

(well, every two or three weeks actually,

I really do have a LOT of clothes!).

So I thought maybe my glasses would like

a long long holiday here,

rather than sweating it out

on my gorgeous little upturned nose ...

When my glasses clunked

into the machine this weekend

during Mama's laundry rampage,

I tried very hard to look very innocent ...

I stared at them lying there

as if I had never seen them before ...

I'm not very good at looking innocent

when proven guilty, yet.

But I'm practicing.

Anyway, despite the glasses fiasco,

Mama is very happy with my progress

these last few days ...

because apparently

I have started a new "M" word

called Mimitism

- ie: copying behaviour.

I heard Mama telling Papa

(at the top of her voice,

with lots of joy in her eyes)

that this was a real land-mark

in my overall development

you know ....

to me it just felt

like I was talking to Tinky Winky

and feeding him ...

so whats the big deal?

And believe it or not,

I actually made him speak

on the phone!

Mama and Papa were in hysterics!!!

Tinky Winky however,

didn't seem all that fussed by it all.

Maybe I didn't have the right

teletubby frequency for him.

What a fusspot.

AWWW, Mama,

do I really have to wear my glasses ?

Look, if I keep my eyes closed,

I won't need them, will I???


Abigail hereby promises
never to hide her glasses
from Mama ever again!!!

(grumble grumble grumble)