Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brothers look quite silly at the barbers

People were starting to call my brothers "Mademoiselle" because their hair had got so long.
So Mama took them to the local barbers.
At first, I sat back and enjoyed the new scenery

And then I saw this:

and I started giggling

And then I saw this:

and I started laughing quite a lot

In fact I found it all so amusing
and my laughter was so contagious
that William and Nathan started laughing too
The barber threatened all three of us with a straight-jacket if we didn't keep still

They need to add 'Develop a sense of humour' to the 'learning to be a barber' curriculum, that's what I say.

Grandad and I

Grandad came to visit ... it was so nice seeing him again! And as you can see, we get on really well! He was cracking silly jokes about Mama's inability to produce properly focussed photographs ....
more to come shortly .... Mama's a bit bogged down .... Tu vois ton nounours Laetitia???!!!!