Friday, September 5, 2008

Bye Bye Gorgeous Adeline my FIRST ever psychomotricienne!

Adeline has been my psychomotricienne for almost a year now, and I love her LOTS and LOTS and LOTS
She has seen me evolve from a frail little baby who couldn't sit without support, into a big strapping young lass with plenty of will determination and personality...
I have really enjoyed all the fantastic toys and activities in her Cabinet .... especially the trampoline!

Adeline and I are both quite smitten with each other ....

... it was quite difficult to say goodbye today, but I promised to go back and see her at Christmas with some home-made English bakery ...

THANK YOU Adeline for being such a fantastic, loving and FUN psychomotricienne ....

Then this evening, I surprised everyone by picking up my spoon and feeding myself! Ok so I also fed my ear, chin and pyjamas, but hey! At least I tried! I'm told that's me half way there now!!! Mama was elated!

I am really quite proud with myself!!!

Now, I keep snatching the spoon from Mama's hand every time she feeds me...
even when she has a few spoons in there, its only the one MAMA feeds me with that I am interested in using for myself ... I love snatching it off her and showing her I can do it myself!

Yes, I am really enjoying mealtimes at the moment!
So there!

Its a very exhausting experience for me though ...
and its never long until I nod off!

Shshshshshshsh! Abigail is asleep in her high chair!

William and Mama tried making a lot of noise to wake me up

but to no avail!

What an exciting day today has been!!!!!

A demain!