Friday, January 15, 2010

Mama is an air-head

In her typically dizzy fashion, Mama has 'misplaced' the family camera. She remembers putting it down 'somewhere' but can't for the life of her remember where that place is. And she is feeling jolly frustrated cos there have been thousands of wonderful opportunities for great pix of ME ME ME ME ME, what with all the snow we've been having, my first steps and experiences with it, and all the mischief I have been up to.

So this weekend, the hunt is on. Who ever unveils the mystery camera hide-away wins a new Wii game .... feel free to come hunt with us tomorrow if you feel the urge! The more the merrier!

This evening, I am poorly. I have a cough, a temperature and big black lines under my eyes. Mama got called away from work by the creche cos they were worried by the fact that I was just lying there, not moving or saying a word. they are used to the more bouncy and smiling me that they see the other days. Mama bombed along those motorways to get to me quickly, and my little face totally lit up when she walked into the room where I was ... sitting and looking into space. I was so happy to see her - my feet barely touched the floor as I ran across the hallway and into her beckoning arms!

So I am off to see my paediatrician Dr Mustapha Dahoun now - the best Princess Doctor in the whole world. I wish I could share a photo with you all cos he is also quite handsome - but alas my Mama is an airhead. Need I say more?