Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Holiday adventures galore!!!

I just got back from Spain, and I had a wonderful time! I learned to do lots of new things, say new words, and it was bliss just being with the Bernard Bunch on holiday. Wanna see some of the mischief I got up to?????
I laughed ... A LOT!!!!!

I learned a new word: 'bobo', which means "Mama I hurt myself".
No matter which part of my body gets bumped, its always my head I touch when I say 'bobo'.
Mama thinks that is SOOOOOOOOO cute!

I even managed to escape from the beach at one point ....

out onto the esplanade ...

and to a bar!!!
(you can tell I'm my Mother's daughter can't you!)

This is the beach that the Bernard Bunch goes to every year in Sitges .... its called 'San Sebastian" and we all LOVE it!!
I was quick to learn how to shower the sand off, all by myself ....

William and Nathan kept me entertained the WHOLE time ... what fantastic brothers I have ....

I discovered a new local playground in the local village:

Mama, this bin just said 'hands up'!!

HA! Foiled him!

I tried very hard to climb out of the window .... but never quite brought that adventure to fruition.

I made friends with a particularly friendly plastic whale ...

SSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhh guys .... I'm trying to concentrate on the Pacific whale language here ok?????

I enviously watched my brothers climb up and down a very steep and ancient wall ....

William and Papa played chess .... A LOT!!!!!!!! Neither of them dared to play against me though .... they knew they didn't stand a chance ....

Mama REALLY loves this picture of Nathan ... and begged me to publish it on this holiday post. Throughout the holiday, everyone kept telling me I look just like Nathan. What do you think?

I learned to sing Spanish songs at the top of my voice.

I saw a naked lady, with a painted body, having photographs taken on a rock in the sea. The whole Bernard Bunch was fascinated by this - especially my brothers, who's eyes almost fell out of their little heads!

I played in the sea A LOT. I really really enjoyed the sea this year, and would go PLUNGING into the crashing waves with no sense of fear. What do you expect : I am a Princess!

My hair got very very VERY messy ....

Alas, after a fortnight's fun, it was time to pack our bags ...
(this is MY suitcase ....I had five outfits sported each and every day!)

Bye Bye Sitges!

oh - I learned to say the word 'Avion'
(the French word for aeroplane)

Time to go back to France ....

a long, long overnight car journey

But its so nice to be back home!!!!!!!!

And NOW .... Mama and I are off to go read what all YOU guys have been up to for the past three weeks!!!!!!!! Looking forward to catching up with all my blogger friends!!!!