Monday, April 12, 2010

New family member

Introducing ... TIGGER He was born on 1 April 2010
and I have been asked to wait two months before he comes here to live

I feel like I miss him already, so much!!!

Tigger you MUST come home soon!!! We are all so dying to make you at home!!!

Easter discovery!!!

I enjoyed Easter this year cos I really helped my brothers find the eggs this time ...

William and Nathan totally wouldn't have managed it without me ...

I even let them give me some of the chocolate eggs people had hidden especially for me ....

we had such a fun time finding the eggs ... and I loved telling the boys where to look .....
not that I cheated with my insight into Mamas brain or anything ...

"nathan open this egg for me would you?"

"Thanks mate'

I'll help you look out for your eggs in exchange! Look ... I mean well !

William totally enjoyed muching into his easter crops

And Nathan did a beautiful investigative job of my tray

but at the end of the day
it was just a lovely family day
that we enjoyed so much!!!

just wish I could have spent it with all you blogger friends!


Mathilda Jane

I blame Abigail in Utah

She got Mama into all this lark

Crazy Mathilda Jane dresses
with their funny mixture of fabric pattern and colour

Totally fit for a Princess though
don't ya think?

I have been getting lots of admiring looks from my friends and teachers at school ...
and aren't the French reknowned for their acute sense of fashion?

"watch my mouth"
"I love M-A-T-H-I-L-D-A J-A-N-E"