Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Abigail is strutting her stuff on the gay Sitges beaches with her brothers - get a load of this folks!!!!!

A good bit of welsh comfort after all those waves ...

Abigail wangles a deal with the local police as mama parks the car right on the beach ... my Mama IS a bit blonde ... Papa was hopping mad ....

Me, Abigail, the Spanish beaches´toppest top model ... all thats missing is the anorexia eh??!!

William is really enjoying himself as you can see :

A nice polite family photo which mama has to spoil as usual .... thats our beach in the background by the way ... the only one my fussy Mama will accept to go to

Papa helps me to brave the strong spanish winds which are creating the enormous waves William and Nathan love so much ...

Abigail is a very happy puppy after a lovely morning on the beach ... now its time for a big siesta!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

British weather, Big molars, and Bionic campers

Hello folks! Here I am last weekend putting on a brave face cos three huge great back teeth decided to come through at the same time. Phew I'm glad thats all over now cos I had a really rough time of it - for the first time ever I was really crotchety and grumpy. Not very dignified behaviour for a Princess eh?

Anyway last Saturday was the first sunny day of the summer (Thanks a lot global warming - this is mid July!) so Suzi Christopher and Keeland came over and I dunked my delicate toes in our pool for the first time - aren't I a champion! I was a bit bewildered at first but it wasn't long before I was splashing away like fury and having a wild time with the boys. I slept really well that night! However, that same weekend, my big brother went away for a camping weekend ALL BY HIMSELF - or at least, with the local children's adventure centre, and not with Mama and Papa. I really missed him! But I don't think he had time to miss me - take a look at all the interesting things he got up to! First he had to put the tent up himself ... good thing he's a bit of a natural handyman-bricoleur!!
After a really late night (he went to bed at 10pm!) it was up early the next day for a yummy campers breakfast...
Then off for a long day of walking, canoing, climbing in the woods and even a bit of caving ... get a look at this!!

I can't believe how brave my brother was to climb down into this spooky cave! Oh what a hero!!

And here he is with all the other kids and grown ups that looked after them. My brother Big Bill had a simply splendid weekend of camping and adventure!