Wednesday, July 11, 2007

British weather, Big molars, and Bionic campers

Hello folks! Here I am last weekend putting on a brave face cos three huge great back teeth decided to come through at the same time. Phew I'm glad thats all over now cos I had a really rough time of it - for the first time ever I was really crotchety and grumpy. Not very dignified behaviour for a Princess eh?

Anyway last Saturday was the first sunny day of the summer (Thanks a lot global warming - this is mid July!) so Suzi Christopher and Keeland came over and I dunked my delicate toes in our pool for the first time - aren't I a champion! I was a bit bewildered at first but it wasn't long before I was splashing away like fury and having a wild time with the boys. I slept really well that night! However, that same weekend, my big brother went away for a camping weekend ALL BY HIMSELF - or at least, with the local children's adventure centre, and not with Mama and Papa. I really missed him! But I don't think he had time to miss me - take a look at all the interesting things he got up to! First he had to put the tent up himself ... good thing he's a bit of a natural handyman-bricoleur!!
After a really late night (he went to bed at 10pm!) it was up early the next day for a yummy campers breakfast...
Then off for a long day of walking, canoing, climbing in the woods and even a bit of caving ... get a look at this!!

I can't believe how brave my brother was to climb down into this spooky cave! Oh what a hero!!

And here he is with all the other kids and grown ups that looked after them. My brother Big Bill had a simply splendid weekend of camping and adventure!

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