Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I dispute your decision Mama!

Mama took me for a walk today ....

I mean a real walk. The 'using my legs' kind of walk.

I did not like this decision. I wanted to sit in the pushchair. So I forcefully showed Mama and William what my intentions were. I may not have words, but I sure now how to communicate with body language!

I stayed like this for a long time. At least ten minutes. I wasn't having it any other way.

And then eventually I agreed to sit 'normally'.

But it took me a while to start talking to Mama again.

Oh alright, if you insist, I'll forgive you

It was worth the tantrum though
cos Mama bought me a new garden tent
Its fantastic! It has a tunnel I can creep along!!

I'm in a good mood again

Just don't ask me to go for a walk! And if you do, bring along my pushchair!!!

bye folks!!!

oh : ps, by the way

I had a swim tonight ...

with Papa and William and Nathan...

I loved it!!!
But Mama was a little nervous ... I guess that's what Mamas are for....

Yet I enjoyed it so incredibly much!!!

I guess we can say I am a very brave little girl!!!

Bye flks!! All this swimming has exhausted me and now I need a jolly good nights sleep. A demain folks!!!!