Monday, September 15, 2008

A Sunday stroll in our little village


its a wonder my glasses survive,

all things considered

During our Sunday walk with Mama
I kept losing my Lala
it got me VERY annoyed!

And I couldn't get out my pushchair
cos Mama had buckled me in
and instead of helping me
as I moaned and groaned
she just stood there
and took lots of pictures instead
tut tut.
Modern Day Mothers.
Ain't what they used to be you know!!!

To my IMMENSE relief

I did eventually get Lala back


William and Nathan did mad things on their bikes

I wasn't particularly impressed

They were, though!!

Then we walked past the town hall

and the village church

Bought some water at the local "Primeur"

Eventually got home and made a BIG mess

of my bedroom
(what else are bedrooms for???)


I found my Po!

Thank GOODNESS for that!!

Despite it being very cold this weekend

William decided to take a dip

(Silly boy)


As if in unison with his folly
Mama bought some strange contraptions
on Ebay

(her favorite place)

She calls them nail dangles

They tickle!

My brothers think they are lovely

Me and Papa have our reservations

(Papa says Mama looks like a gypsy)

And Mama has chosen to post this photograph

Just cos she says I'm gorgeous on it

Sigh ... I know I'm gorgeous ... what do you expect?

I'm a Princess!

Not delayed in ignoring the words "No Abi"

This is what I look like when I am being defiant

This is what Mama is saying to me here:

"Abigail, thats my flower bed.

I don't want you to walk in it.

Please walk on the grass instead"

I am clapping my hands with glee

because that is exactly what I am NOT going to do

I got a LOT of fun out of this episode

Yeah! A sleeping Papa to wake up!

"Abigail, please leave the boys alone

they are playing football

you will get hurt"


My sultry beauty look ..

Way hey! I can even sulk now!

"Abigail Pumpkin

Those are my yucky shoes

I don't think you should play with them..."

"Abigail, please don't climb into your pushchair

Its dangerous"

"Abigail, please don't climb on your desk

It's dangerous"

"Abigail, please don't climb on that chair

It's dangerous"

Abigail, please leave the telephone alone

No-one can call us

After all these mischievous adventures

Is it any surprise that I do this: