Monday, September 15, 2008

A Sunday stroll in our little village


its a wonder my glasses survive,

all things considered

During our Sunday walk with Mama
I kept losing my Lala
it got me VERY annoyed!

And I couldn't get out my pushchair
cos Mama had buckled me in
and instead of helping me
as I moaned and groaned
she just stood there
and took lots of pictures instead
tut tut.
Modern Day Mothers.
Ain't what they used to be you know!!!

To my IMMENSE relief

I did eventually get Lala back


William and Nathan did mad things on their bikes

I wasn't particularly impressed

They were, though!!

Then we walked past the town hall

and the village church

Bought some water at the local "Primeur"

Eventually got home and made a BIG mess

of my bedroom
(what else are bedrooms for???)


I found my Po!

Thank GOODNESS for that!!

Despite it being very cold this weekend

William decided to take a dip

(Silly boy)


As if in unison with his folly
Mama bought some strange contraptions
on Ebay

(her favorite place)

She calls them nail dangles

They tickle!

My brothers think they are lovely

Me and Papa have our reservations

(Papa says Mama looks like a gypsy)

And Mama has chosen to post this photograph

Just cos she says I'm gorgeous on it

Sigh ... I know I'm gorgeous ... what do you expect?

I'm a Princess!


AbbyDawn said...

Oh you most certainally ARE gorgeous! Princesses don't need humility. :)
And of course Lala kept escaping! Those hills looked just like Teletubby land and She was trying to find Tinky Winky and Dipsy!! Or maybe she was just looking for her ball.
What a fabulous adventure you all had!

The VW's said...

What a princess you are Abigail! And, Very adorable as well!

Thanks for the tour of your day! I enjoyed it!

Isabelle said...

Abi your village looks very lovely, we are looking forward to getting to France and meeting you. Mummy will call your Mummy when we have arrived, look forward to seeing you soon.xx

AmberJ said...

I believe you left a comment on our blog a few months ago, but I am just now getting around to meeting you. Sorry for the delay! You are beautiful and you are welcome to stop by any time.

Amber said...

Miss sweet of you to show us around! Your village seems lovely and....I was thinking the same thing about teletubby land!
much love princess....

Myhouse4nine said...

Your momma takes very vibrant pictures! She even makes grass look beautiful! I loved looking at your adventures, Your brothers appeared to have had a good time too! I am so sorry your Lala wanted to escape, but it was a very beautiful walk and maybe Lala wanted to walk faster? I think you grumbled a bit on your walk, but then you made up for it playing in your room. You have the best toys! You also look like a model in the last photo.. Keep practicing and learning you are doing great!

Rob at Kintropy said...

Your room looks like a very good adventure-in-motion. And Hannah would agree: who needs glasses? The world should adjust, not the Princess.

Anonymous said...

tu es trop trop mimi petite soeur

jėss.T said...

i spotted WILLIAM IN ACTION!!!!



and yes dearie, ur a princess indeed. such a sweet lil darling! ma petite fille! *hugss*

oh btw, mama, u, will & nath r on my blog's wall of gratitude =) did u see?

thanks so much!

Megan said...

I could spend forever taking pictures around your community! Beautiful!! I have never heard of "Nail Dangles" -- do they get in the way??

Anonymous said...

abigail je t'adore ma biche


Querida amiga, tienes unos hijos preciosos, la pequeña es un ecanto y es muy graciosa, me encanta, me encantaria poder conoceros y darle un monton de besos a la princesa abigail si ella me concede darselos.
Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog ,estoy muy emocionada por que ya queda muy poco para ir a por nuestra niña,ayer hable con mi facilitadora de Ucrania, y me dio muy buenas esperanzas.
Te deseo un buen dia, muchos besos, guapisima.


No puedo dejar de decirte pequeña princesa abigail, que me encanta tu blog,tu mama es una persona maravillosa, y leyendo tu blog me he emocionado... gracias por esta blog tan bonito.