Monday, January 12, 2009


Mama loves shopping
ANY kind of shopping
She can spend hours on end in a shop, nosing through EVERY item on the shelves

On a Saturday morning, she will often take me with her. Her weekends are the only real time she has with us, so she tends to drag us EVERY where she goes. ... she doesn't want to miss out on one milisecond of our scintillating personalities ...
So this Saturday, Nathan decided to bombard me with photos. All this fame gets boring after a while ... although I suppose its good paparazzi training, for when I become famous!

But it doesn't take long before I get a little bored ...

In fact, very bored indeed

I sang the shop down.
All Mama did was giggle.

So it wasn't long before I gave up ...

Then we went home
and I had my bottle and went to bed ...
not the most exciting of weekends
but certainly the kind that I really like!
All cuddly and warm!!

Au revoir tout le monde!!!!